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Farmers earns much by welcoming foreign and local visitors
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Over the past few years, Can Tho City’s FU levels has taken a handful of measures to support their members, farmers for enhancing the close relationship between tourism and agricultural production, thus creating distinct values for destinations in Can Tho.

Farmers has taken the opportunities
Despite of its establishment since May 2015, up to now, Con Son community tourism model under Region 1, Bui Huu Nghia, Binh Thuy District has been developed rapidly and becomes the outstanding tourism model in Can Tho city. Every day, it is estimated that the locals welcome 250 visitors on average, thus bringing stable income for households and residents in Con Son.

Visiting gardens and enjoyingcakes- one of the unique tourism activities of garden houses in Can Tho. Image: by Thanh Liem

As the household associating with community tourism in Con Son, “My family owns 08 Ido longan gardens. We used to sell longan to make end meets. However, since the participation in community tourism, my family has had our own savings. Visitors prefers fruits garden models with many specialty fruits, picking and enjoying their favorite ones…” Mrs. Tran Thi Huynh Mai claims.

Over the past years, Can Tho’s FU has actively cooperated with Binh Thuy Party Committee and competent authorities to develop garden and fish pond associated with tourism. Accordingly, in 2015, the Association collaborated to campaign the locals to build the concrete route with 0.5 km width, 2 km length surrounding Con to meet the walking demand of visitors

The Association also co-organized to survey each household’s demand on development and model building capacity. Accordingly, 09 garden houses were chosen potentially with the ability to take advantages and foster tourism. The Association cooperated, consulted, designed, and technically trained each garden house to look after the fruit garden house well with sanitary and high quality products. In addition, the Association organized each house-each product services. Of 09 households, each will be in charge of making a folk cake genre serving for tourists.

More support for farmers to implement agriculture-tourism model

Currently, Can Tho FU encompasses 88,000 members, accounting for 95 % of agricultural households. During the past time, perform the direction of VNFU, Municipal Party Committee’s resolution, plan of Can Tho People’s Committee, Famers Association levels have supported farmers to build production model, in which focuses on building agriculture-tourism model, especially community tourism model, agricultural household production associated with tourism model, model of mobilizing farmers to maintain business on traditional float markets, flowers cultivation with tourism model… Mr. Le Ba Phuoc- Chairman of Can Tho FUs claimed.

At present, in the city, there are 75 households developing garden ecological tourism, converging in districts of Phong Dien, Cai Rang, Binh Thuy and O Mon. gardens are rambutan, dragon fruits, segment- featured fruits, Ha Chau mulberry, jackfruit, mango, star fruit…. as well as specialty ponds with Channa micropeltes, Pangasius kunyit. Besides, households raise cattle like pheasants, peacocks, Dong Tao chickens… Mr Phuoc also noted.

To build up and extend this model, FU co-operated to survey the site, consult, support farmer in improving garden soil, planting specialty fruits. To raising funds for member’s business,the Association worked with Vietnam Bank for Social Polices to allow 50 households concessional loan, 50-100 million dongs for each.

In addition, to invest for developing community tourism, the Association founded cooperative team, co-operative, guided farmers the production process according to VietGAp, GlobalGAP standards as well as registering brand, trademark such as Ha Chau Phong Dien mulberry, Giai Xuan star fruit, Tan Thoi durian…, which not only serves visitors, but also makes marketing of agricultural products in picky markets.



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