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Positive effects of propaganda on prevention and control of tobacco harms
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There are about 15 million smokers, on average one of two men is the smoker; 95% of smokers have a habit of smoking indoors; two-thirds of women and half of children regularly smoke passively. Therefore, the legal communication on the prevention and control of tobacco harms plays a very important role.

Ninh Binh has 80% of agencies who regulate not smoking at work

Decision 229 of the Prime Minister on approving the "National Strategy on the Prevention and Control of Tobacco Harms until 2020" identifines: "Information, education and communication on tobacco control are the key solutions”.
The report of the Tobacco Control Fund (Ministry of Health) shows that 60% of the respondents have heard or seen information about the harmful impacts of tobacco on health in the media and 70% of the respondents have seen the banning smoking of outdoor areas.
84% of smokers said that getting information in the media campaign made them worried about the harmful effects of tobacco on their health, 83% of them worried about their family health. 50% of smokers said they had received smoking cessation from family members in the last 6 months.
To present, the Tobacco Control Fund has supported provinces and cities to organize nearly 8,000 direct communication sessions on tobacco harms and legal regulations on tobacco control, more than 1,000 mobile communication sessions in the community with propaganda, mobile communication loudspeaker systems in communes, wards, villages, thematic talkshows at health facilities.
The Fund has also collaborated with media agencies, ministries, branches, provinces, cities, socio-political organizations to communicate on many channels from central to local levels with various and diversified forms including video, online newspapers, written newspapers, social networking sites.
Activities are organized extensively to the community through exchanges, direct communication, painting contests, contests about tobacco harms and mobile communication in communes, wards, villages, health facilities, schools...
In the past years, VNFU at all levels has promoted the propaganda on tobacco control for officials, members and farmers. Many FUs in the provincies of Binh Dinh, Soc Trang, Da Nang, Tuyen Quang, Thai Nguyen… for instance, have made many initiatives, good practices in propaganda, encouraging members and farmers to give up their smoking habit in order to eliminating the causes of cancer, diseases for one's own body and discharging toxic smoke to the whole family and community.
In 05 years (2015-2019), FUs at provinces and cities have built thousands of clubs and branches that say no to tobacco. In My Cang village (Phuong Son commune, Tuy Phuoc district, Binh Dinh province), the Tobacco Harm Control Farmers Club initially had only about 10 members. To date, more than 84 members participate in the club. Every month, the club has regular daily activities, knowledge dissemination, mainstreaming programs and contents on tobacco that are associated with FU activities in the village.
In addition, the members of the club management board often go down to the groups, meet members who often smoke to explain them the harmful effects of tobacco, thereby helping people to change their perception and behavior.
In addition to building core clubs on tobacco control, in Tuyen Quang, the people and FUs officials at all levels also carried out the communication through mass media such as loudspeakers of villages and communes to raise the knowledge and understanding of the people there about the harmful effects of tobacco. With short contents that are easy to understand, remember and follow, the awareness of the people increased significantly. Especially, with emulation and commendation, timely encouragement to those who do well and resolutely handling members, farmers who do not implement well, the percentage of people who quit smoking of Tuyen Quang FU has decreased sharply.   
FUs in Bac Giang, Quang Binh, Ninh Binh and Hai Phong cities ... organized contests, stage and launched movements and initiatives such as building a smoke-free house, working environment without smoke in order to improve people's knowledge about tobacco control.
Through this form of propaganda, the provisions of the Tobacco Control Law, the dangers of tobacco to human health and practical innovations, solutions and models on tobacco control are transmitted and accepted by many viewers. .
Also, 63 provinces and cities have established the Steering Committee for Tobacco Control. 20,000 officials and farmer members of 18 provinces and cities were trained and propagated on tobacco harm control.
Vietnam Health Union organizes the competition on the propaganda of Tobacco Control Law at 03 levels from grassroots level, regional level and national level, online exam on the website of Vietnam Health Union, regional competitions at 5 locations nationwide (Bach Mai Hospital, C Da Nang Hospital, Ninh Binh, Long An and Cho Ray Hospital - Ho Chi Minh City).
 The Vietnam Public Health Association also advocates a network of public health collaborators and the elderly to promote tobacco control to each household cluster. Every month, the Association organizes regular activities, disseminating knowledge, integrating programs and contents on tobacco control into the Association's activities in the village.

Some localities and units have organized high-efficiency communication activities such as: "Hung Temple without smoke" festival in Phu Tho, "For a smoke-free environment” painting competition in Hoi An, a competition to find out the harmful effects of tobacco among students in An Giang; a number of organizations organizing the Tobacco Control Tournament... These activities have strong spillover, propaganda and encouragement effects, which are coordinated by the press and media.
At present, 100% of agencies and units have signs of smoking ban at places where smoking is banned; 80% of agencies have no smoking regulations in the workplace in the internal regulations; there is no phenomenon of tobacco advertisement and sale within agencies and offices; 100% of big hotels and restaurants have smoking bans in the area, there are separate places for smokers... Especially, for the health and education sector, nearly 100% of agencies, units in the industry whose ban board on smoking are posted in places that are easy to remember and identify. The percentage of officials and nurses who quit smoking accounts for over 90%; the number of patients, family members of patients who smoke on the premises of hospitals has decreased significantly. Especially, in the provincial departments of medical examination, resuscitation, emergency care, inpatient prevention ..., there are no smokers in the provincial hospitals.
Accessment results on Tobacco Control Campaign of Vital Strategies International show that 70% of smokers try to quit and over 60% of non-smokers try to remind and advise smokers to quit. 96% of non-smokers said they did not want others smoking near their children; 90% of non-smokers ask smokers not to stand near others.

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