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Selecting good officers in order to support farmers develop their business
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(VNFU Website) - Recently, Vice Chairwoman of  VNFU Nguyen Hong Ly had a work visit to Da Nang City FU.

During the visit, the representatives of  the city FU said that in the first quarter of 2017, levels of the city FU have cooperated to organize 28 training courses on technology transfer for 1,041 members; 2 vocational courses for 35 members; guided through documents and made loan disbursement of 3.48 billion dong from the Supporting Fund for Farmers for 105 households to develop 9 production projects. 

Until then, the city FU had basically accomplished 11 targets indicated in the Resolution of the 6th General Assembly VNFU (2013 – 2018) and some of them even came in with flying colors. For example, the yearly average achievement of the propaganda activity was 120 – 160% compared to set up target, the Supporting Fund for Farmers had increased approximately 280% (more than 15% per year). In 2013, the capital of the fund was only 12.3 billion dong and by the year of 2016 it had reached up to 34.3 billion dong.
Speaking at the work session, Vice Chairwoman Mrs. Nguyen Hong Ly acknowledged and highly appreciated the achievements of levels of the city FU over the years, especially the activities of the Supporting Fund for Farmers and the vocational training for farmers.
Vice Chairwoman Mrs. Nguyen Hong Ly demanded the city Farmers’ Union to actively continue to propagate effective production model to members and farmers; cooperate with relevant divisions and enterprises to promote vocational training support activities and services for farmers; enhance work efficiency of grassroots units. The city FU also needed to select key officers that were enthusiastic, skillful, decisive and had strong connection with farmers in order to protect them. Especially, at the grassroots levels, successful farmers should be selected as the officers so that it could be easier to approach and help farmers develop.
In the future, levels of the city FU needed to continue to follow the  Resolution of the 10th Conference of the Central Executive Committee of VNFU (term VI) to give guidelines, particularly focus on the system organizing and administering.

Before the visit, Vice Chairman Mrs. Nguyen Hong Ly and the working group had also visited mokara orchid production model at Hoa Chau Commune, the efficient mushroom production collective at Hoa Nhon Commune (Hoa Vang District) and the La Huong vegetable area at Hoa Tho Dong Ward (Cam Le District). These were economically efficient production model supported by Da Nang City FU.
Pham Van Tien – by Minh Hue
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