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Hung Yen: Developing a collective economic model through developing occupational farmers’ group
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Determining the participation in the agricultural development is the most important political task, all levels of the Union in the province have encouraged members to raise awareness, change production practices, methods from self-sufficient production to production of goods with added economic value for domestic plants and animals; plan specialized production areas, form commodity production areas; practice intensive farming, ensure the productivity, the quantity and the economic value of plants and animals. 

The model of occupational farmers’ group that brings practical benefits to members
The Standing Committee of the Provincial VNFU has renovated the leadership and direction in the activities of the Union and the farmer movement; strongly shifting to the consultancy, support and assistance to farmers in capital, variety, new science and technology, vocational training, etc., creating favorable conditions for farming households to improve the production.

The Union also guides members on starting businesses to build demonstration models, cooperates to guide members on procedures for establishing businesses, building associated models of production chains and cooperative economical models.

In addition, all VNFU levels encouraged farmers to implement the plot consolidation and exchange the agricultural land in order to improve the efficiency of economic value per unit of production area and increase farmers' income.
At the same time, households are encouraged to exchange land, aiming to bring the mechanization and science and technology into the production, thereby not only changing production habits but also contributing to raising incomes for farmers.

Along with that, the Union also propagandized and supported farmers on branding, promoting their products on the market, coordinating with localities to build brands for products including Hung Yen big longan, Van Giang ornament kumquat tree, Van Giang oranges, Dong Thanh oranges, Quang Chau oranges, Phu Cu early ripe hybrid lychee, pink aromatic bananas, Chi Tan crocus, Dong Tao chicken, Ban soy sauce, longan honey ...
Over the past years, all Union levels in the province has consulted and instructed the establishment of 29 new cooperatives under the 2012 Law on Cooperatives, taking part in building 64 collective economic models, many associated models with a large production scale, billions of dong in business capital, attracting dozens and hundreds of workers for annual income from 100 million to billions of dong.
In the province, there are many models of biosafety cattle towards VietGap’s direction, effectively implementing animal breeding projects such as Dong Tao chicken, Red Batman cow; developing many new crop varieties such as hybrid rice, prime longan, Hoang Trach pomelo ...

In order to have capital to support farmers, the Standing Committee of the Provincial VNFU has submitted to and been approved by the Provincial People's Committee the project of renovating and improving the operational efficiency of the Provincial Farmers Support Fund in the period of 2014-2020. 

Up to now, the loan balance of various sources of capital has grown significantly: As of November 15, 2018, the trust capital from the Social Policy Bank was VND 803 billion and VND 820.25 million from 8 programs and credit funds, mortgage from Agriculture and Rural Development Bank is VND 794.042 billion. The fund of Farmers Support Fund managed by all VNFU levels in the province is: VND 66 billion and VND 112 million (Increasing by VND 42 billion compared to the beginning of the term) .

With the capital from the Farmers Support Fund, many farmers have used capital well, promoted the high economic efficiency, brought income to farmers households, contributed to the restructuring of plants and animals.

This thereby contributes to promoting the movement of farmers regarding the emulation of the production, smooth business, solidarity to help each other to become rich and reduce sustainably the poverty. According to reports of districts, city and project owners, for projects that borrowed money from the Farmers Support Fund or higher levels; the majority of households who have borrowed capital have registered to strive and achieve the title of excellent production and business household at district, provincial and central levels.

From the implementation of new loan projects, the Farmers Support Fund has created more workers with stable jobs, many models of breeding cattle, poultry, aquatic products, planting trees with high economic efficiency. 

All levels of the Union in the province focus on mobilizing all resources to support and help members and farmers, have coordinated and directly organized 3,973 training courses, transferred the application of scientific and technical advances to nearly 369,000 members; organized demonstrations of 101 models, field workshops with more than 3,500 farmer participating.

The provincial VNFU has cooperated with the fertilizer supplier companies in the form of deferred payment of nearly 10 thousand tons of NPK fertilizer used for rice, vegetables, crops, equal to hundreds of billion VND to help thousands of farmers in the improvement of production, productivity and product quality.

Farmers Vocational Training and Job Assistance Center - Hung Yen province’s VNFU organized 35 training courses on free safe vegetable cultivation techniques, techniques for raising cattle and poultry for 1,140 rural workers.

Districts and cities coordinated in the organization of 102 vocational training classes for 3,642 rural workers, 80% of students applied in the production and brought about practical results after the training.
Because of the support through various forms of the Union, the life of its members and farmers in the province has prospered and the economy has grown, the Union has enhanced the trust from its members and its farmers.
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