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Lam Dong: Many farmers become rich by applying high technology
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From the movement of "Farmers emulate excellent production and business”( excellent production and business), many farmers in Lam Dong become farm owners, cooperatives, enterprise ... As a result, the movement shows the important role of the Farmers’ Union at all levels, especially the propaganda, advocacy and loan support.

Many outstanding examples
The Farmers’ Union of Lam Dong province has just held a conference to sum up the movement of Farmers emulate excellent production and business, unite to help each other become rich and reduce sustainable poverty (period 2013 - 2018). Over the past 5 years, the movement has contributed to promote and complete appropriate production relationship in agriculture and rural areas, promoting the application of scientific and technical advances. Besides, the excellent production and business have contributed to building a new countryside, maintaining political stability, social order and safety in rural areas. Especially, those pioneering, exemplary farmer, members have contributed to build and strengthen increasingly strong Farmers’ Union organization; enhancing the role and position of the Farmers’ Union in agricultural development and new rural construction.

Lam Dong has many modern production models with high income. Photo: Van Long
"They are dynamic, creative farmers who do not tolerate poverty, dare to think, dare to do, dare to cope with failure due to the impact of climate change, natural disasters and epidemics to succeed ”.
Mr. Da Cat Vinh -
President of  Farmers’ Union of Lam Dong province.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuong Vi - Vice Chairwoman of the Farmers’ Union of Lam Dong province said that the quality of operation of the branches and associations is increasingly improved. Through meetings, members, farmers have the opportunity to be close, exchange production experiences, and guide how to do business for economic development effectively. In the past 5 years, the Union at all levels has admitted 34,309 members, bringing the total number of members up to now more than 156,482 people (accounting for 83% of agricultural households).
As of June 2019, the province has 949 farms, 2 cooperative unions. Cooperatives operate in a variety of fields such as agriculture, agriculture tourism, vegetable and flower cultivation. Form of organizing production towards linking, forming chains, registering trademarks and organizing the purchasing, preliminary processing and consuming products for members.
Currently, the province has many models that bring high economic value such as the linkage model, specializing in the production of hydroponic fruits and vegetables, all mixtures of materials consisted of gravel, sand, straw using for growing trees of Mr. Nguyen Duc Huy (Da Lat City). Mr. Huy uses his own control software for the garden, connected to smartphone, computer, tool to "read and understand" the actual ecological changes in the garden, then send warning to the garden owner to issue exact "commands" to handle. Or Ms. Nguyen Thi Hue (Ward 7, Da Lat City) with a model of growing clean vegetables with an average production value of VND 10 billion/ha/year. MS. Hue is also a pioneer in investing in hydroponic technology and vegetable production bringing high economic value.
Funding for members
In the past years, the Farmers’ Union of Lam Dong province also continuously provided capital to its members and farmers who had no conditions to develop their economy. Mr. Da Cat Vinh - Chairman of the Farmers’ Union of Lam Dong province said: “Creating capital is one of the important activities to help members and farmers invest in production and breeding to bring economic efficiency. Annually, the Farmers’ Union signs a trust with the Social Policy Bank for implementation. Up to now, the total outstanding loans entrusted to the Provincial Farmers’ Union reached VND 1,000 billion with more than 31,000 members being borrowed from 15 preferential loan programs ”.  
In addition, the Provincial Farmers’ Union signed a Joint Program with the Vietnam Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development to provide loans to groups of households with 115 loan groups with more than 438 billion VND. Besides, the Provincial Farmers’ Union has cooperated with Lien Viet PostBank for 226 members through 32 loan groups to borrow with the amount of over 9.5 billion VND. 
According to Mr. Da Cat Vinh, the movement of "Farmers emulate excellent production and business” is a major and central movement of the Farmers’ Union levels in the province, which has become a mass movement that attracts a large number of officials, members and farmers to participate.  The movement has motivated farmers to emulate production, labor, rise in life and become rich. “From the movement, many farmers have awarded the title of good household in production and business; Many models with large production scale have developed into enterprises, farms, cooperatives that attracting idle labor, creating stable jobs for farmers. Since then, the rural economy has prospered, the material and spiritual life of farmers has been improved ”- Mr. Vinh assessed.

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