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(VNFU Website)- From June 2nd to 4th , 2020 in Hoa Binh province, the Forest and Farm Facility program-Vietnam Farmers' Union (VNFU-FFF) organized a training course on forest and farm inventory and business planning skills for 25 trainees who are officials of the Farmers’ Union at all levels and members of collective groups and cooperatives (FFPOs) of 5 provinces: Hoa Binh, Bac Kan, Son La, Yen Bai and Thai Nguyen.

Participants practised their forest and farm inventory skills in Dan Chu commune, Hoa Binh city 

At the training course, participants have equipped knowledge and skills such as forest and farm inventory techniques and market development analysis for small-scale producers and businesses to promote the sustainable management and production of forests and farms; promote small-scale production and business entities towards the need for forest inventory and market development analysis to realize the potential of forests and farms; persuading traders, businesses, banks ... to cooperate and invest; develop small-scale production and business activities through the decentralization of forest asset investigations to identify the inputs for financial opportunities and more sustainable and efficient forest and farm business.

The training included officials of the Farmers’ Union at all levels and members of collective groups and cooperatives (FFPOs) of 5 provinces: Hoa Binh, Bac Kan, Son La, Yen Bai and Thai Nguyen.

In addition to learning theories in class, participants had chanced to practice their skills in forest and farm inventory and value calculation in Dan Chu commune, Hoa Binh city. At the same time, participants discussed and responded to the data and information they gathered in the field; participants also discussed as respective groups to make plan for forest and farm production and business, market research and development, etc.
Through the training, participants gained more knowledge and skills on forest and farm inventory and apply in production practices to improve productivity, yield and value. At the same time, each trainee will be a nucleus to guide the investigation and value calculation of forests and farms in their communities.

In 2019, the total area of forest land nationwide is 14,609,220 ha, of which natural forest is 10,292,434 ha, plantation forest is 4,316,786 ha. Forest coverage rate is 41.89%.
In 2018, domestic timber production was 28.45 million m3, of which concentrated exploitation from planted forests reached 20.6 million m3; exploiting from scattered trees, home gardens of 3.55 million and rubber wood of about 4.3 million m3, meeting 76.4% of the demand for raw wood materials for 5,500 enterprises, 340 production and business villages and process timber.
Timber and timber products are one of the three main export sectors of Vietnam, with the export value constantly growing, on average about 13% per year.
In 2019 alone, Vietnam's timber and forest product export turnover reached US $ 10.3 billion. Vietnam has become the 5th country in the world, 2nd in Asia and the first in Southeast Asia in exporting timber and forest products. The export market of timber and forest products has been increasingly expanded to more than 120 countries and territories ...
The quality of planted forest materials has been gradually improved, and the chain link from breeding, planting, tending and managing forest protection and timber processing has been replicated in association with the transformation of large timber plantations, managing sustainable forest management and forest certification.
Planted forests are managed by households (1.6 million households) with a large area, about 1.5 million ha, on average, each household manages 01 ha. Therefore, forestry production and business on a small scale, such as: households, collective groups, cooperatives; micro and micro enterprises often lack the capacity and knowledge of production and business planning, as well as market access ...
Therefore, the FFF's training course on forest and farm inventory and promoting sustainable production, forest and farm production and business planning for FFPO’s members is very necessary.

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