Tuyen Quang: joining Hands in New Rural Construction

10:59 - 23/12/2016

The new rural construction program in Tuyen Quang has brought positive results with the motto “State and people working together”, The province also makes appropriate changes in the structure of agricultural plants and animals.

153 outstanding agricultural products honored in 2015.

09:13 - 27/09/2016

(VNFU Website) – September 16, 2016 at Hanoi''s Vietnam–Soviet Friendship Labour Cultural Palace, Vietnam Farmers’ Union organized a ceremony to honour 153 outstanding agricultural products in 2015 and awarded “The golden hearts for the Vietnamese peasantry”. This is the third...

Binh Dinh: Promotion protect the environment models

05:29 - 29/03/2016

(VNFU Website) – The previous years, the promotion and mobilization of Farmers’ Union at all levels contributed to raise awareness, to change behavior of the member farmers in the implementation of protect the environment tasks. By promote, mobilize and build...

Thai Binh: Enhance the quality of Farmers’ Union (continue)

04:50 - 29/02/2016

Besides, the specialized staff at province, district levels and key staff at commune, ward and town levels at present are well skilled, have major in Union’s activities and public advocacy. The party committees are always interested in and both quantity...

Vietnam will focus on rural development and poverty reduction

11:02 - 30/12/2015

Vietnam will narrow down the 16 national target programmes between 2011 and 2015 to only two to focus on in the coming time to thoroughly and effectively solve the nation''s urgent and necessary issues.

How to prevent the vironmental pollution for craft villages in Hanoi

02:00 - 15/03/2015

he craft villages in Hanoi are facing with increasingly environmental pollution. These villages of agro-processing, wine, slaughter cattle, poultry, silk, textile, lacquer, ride bamboo, rattan, plastic recycling, paper … caused water, land and air pollutions because of their production activities.

The efficiency of model combining breeds with cultivation.

02:00 - 15/03/2015

(VNFU’s website) Visiting the model combining breeds with cultivation of Mr. Bui Van Nhuong’s household in Sao Bac Hamlet, Sao Bay Commune, Kim Boi District (HoaBinhProvince) is a chance for us to witness perseverance and will of a Muong land’s...

The role of the Farmer’s Union at all levels in preserving and promoting the nation’s cultural identity

02:00 - 15/03/2015

Culture is the spiritual foundation of society, is both the goal and the driving force of economic-social development. In the past 15 years, the Farmer’s Unions at all levels have always defined that: "promoting farmers in the new era is...

Project 1965, capacity building for the rural labors

02:00 - 15/03/2015

The rate of labor in agricultural, rural sector of the province is still decisive (405.656 person/ total 707.310 person in working age), thence to implement the economic development way towards industry, service in according to the provincial general strategy so...

Finding the solutions for selling agro-products: The VNFU need to act stronger

02:00 - 15/03/2015

“Solutions for selling agro-products” is a theme of the seminar organized by VNFU in Can Tho City. Vice Chairperson Nguyen Hong Ly chaired this seminar

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