Bac Giang Province: Over 80% trainees get stable job after receiving training

10:51 - 14/08/2017

(VNFU Website) – Currently, the total labors of the province are approximately 1,033,000 people, accounting 68% of the population and including 23.6% of labors in agriculture.

Growing vegetables should be like that of the 2,000 m2 8-Healthy Farm generating income of 350 million dong per month

08:40 - 10/08/2017

8 Healthy Farm’s 2,000 m 2 of vegetables grown organically generate monthly income of 350 million dong.

Khanh Hoa FU: Conference on Connecting Supply and Demand in agricultural production

08:58 - 18/07/2017

(VNFU Website) – Recently, in Nha Trang City, the provincial FU has held a conference on Connecting Supply and Demand with the participation of over 100 delegates that are farmers, entrepreneurs, representatives of cooperative groups and cooperatives and local authorities.

Models of environmental protection being spread in rural areas.

02:51 - 22/06/2017

(VNFU website)- The Prime Minister has already approved the pilot project on the improvement and development for models of environmental protection in new rural establishment at disadvantagous and rural communes at borders and islands towards socialization in the period of...

Ha Tinh FU: Building economical models, responding to the “Vietnamese using Vietnamese products” campaign

02:51 - 12/06/2017

(VNFU Website) – Aiming to carry out the “Vietnamese using Vietnamese products” campaign, the Standing Commitee of Ha Tinh FU has propagated and called for its officers, members, farmers, cooperatives, and teams and groups to take positively particular actions to...

Vietnam Farmers’ Union – The German Farmers’ Association: The 70 – 30 vocational training experience

02:23 - 29/05/2017

(VNFU Website) – The experience reported this morning (June 2) in Hanoi during the work session between VNFU and the German Farmers’ Association (DBV) is the 70% of practice and 30% of theory vocational training model.

Dak Lak took the 1st Prize at the 2017 Central Highlands Farmers’ Competition

08:13 - 16/05/2017

(VNFU Website) – Recently, the Central Highlands “Farmers’ Competition” Final took place at Dak Lak Province’s Cultural Center with the title of “Farmers ensure environmental friendly and quality sustainable production”.

Producing organic cinnamon - a new direction for farmers in Dao Thinh commune, Tran Yen district, Yen Bai province

09:11 - 27/04/2017

The Forest and Farm Facility (FFF) is implemented by Vietnam Farmers'' Union (VNFU) in Yen Bai province. In recent years, as implementor of VNFU at provincial level, Yen Bai Farmers’ Union has carried out many activities of FFF on capacity...

Support to produce organic rice development

10:05 - 03/04/2017

To produce organic rice using organic fertilizer in the project supported for farmers in Mekong Delta River’s Provinces, farmers can apply with support from localities. Besides the increase of quality, farmers also receive input support and underwritten output with higher...

Promoting the role of Vietnamese farmers in building new-type rural area development

05:25 - 24/02/2017

The role of farmers is a basis, on the one hand, for encouraging farmers to actively participate in economic, political, cultural, social activities on the other hand, for finding solutions to continue upholding that role, contributing to early achieve the...

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