VNFU – ADDA: Cooperation in knowledge transfer to farmers

11:30 - 28/06/2019

( VNFU Portal )- In the morning of 19 th June 2019 , Dr. Th a o Xu a n S u ng – Chairman of Vietnam Farmers’ Union had a meeting with Mr. Ove...

VNFU – FAO: Supporting forest producers in adaptation to climate change

06:45 - 03/10/2018

(VNFU Website) - In the morning of 25 September, Vice Standing Chairman of VNFU Leu Vu Dieu had a working session with a delegation of FAO led by Mr. Jeffrey Y Campbell – Director of Forest and Farm Facility...

Cooperating in hi-tech agricultural production

02:07 - 13/09/2018

(VNFU Website) – On 10 September, in Hanoi, Member of Party Central Committee, Secretary of VNFU Party Central Committee, Chairman of VNFU – Dr. Thao Xuan Sung had a working session with the Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) led...

Japan-Vietnam: Training to enhance capacity of VNFU staff, members, farmers

05:00 - 10/09/2018

(VNFU Website) – In the afternoon of September 7, in Hanoi, VNFU Chairman Thao Xuan Sung presided over a meeting with Japanese delegation headed by Mr. Tsutomu Takebe, Special Advisor of Japan-Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Alliance and Chairman of TOA...

Numerous lessons learned in enrichment support for farmers in Japan

03:53 - 10/09/2018

“Vietnam has learned many good things about Japanese agriculture, farmers and rural areas” – that is the feedback and acknowledgement of many leaders and participants taking part in the Workshop on “Experiences of Japan in Agricultural, Farmers and Rural...

VNFU - CropLife Asia: Collaboration to bring global quality plant protection products in the fields of Vietnam

11:13 - 30/07/2018

(VNFU Website) On July 26 th , in Hanoi, Vice Chairman of VNFU Luong Quoc Doan had a working session with CropLife Asia led by its Director of Government relations Duke Hipp.

Nam Dinh Province: Enhancing computer and smartphone skills for 200 members and farmers

03:23 - 10/07/2018

(VNFU Website) - In 2017, to implement the project of ‘Enhancing computer and smartphone skills of farmers and VNFU officers’, Nam Dinh Provincial FU ed 8 communes in 2 districts of Truc Ninh and Vu Ban to organize related...

Request for support in training for VNFU young staff

10:55 - 09/07/2018

(VNFU Website) - That’s part of the working session between Chairperson of VNFU, Mr. Thao Xuan Sung and Mr. Takebe Tsutomu, Special Advisor to the Japan – Vietnam Friendship Parliamentary Alliance, President of TOA Institution, Mr. Tsutomu Takebe in...

VNFU to organize Training workshop on experiences of Japan in agriculture, farmer and rural development

08:47 - 11/06/2018

(VNFU Website) – The workshop is expected to take place in two days in Hanoi in the beginning of September 2018. Its organizers are VNFU and TOA Institution (Japan).

Vietnam – South Korea: To bring IT to agricultural production

02:11 - 08/06/2018

(VNFU Website) – On June 7, in Hanoi, Vice Chairperson of VNFU, Pham Tien Nam, and leaders of departments and units of VNFU had a meeting with the President of Agerigna Co. (South Korea) and Viettel Group to...

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