Mr. Nguyen Duy Luong, the First Vice – Chairman of VNFU met with Croplife Asia
14:00 - 15/03/2015
(VNFU’s Website) – This afternoon (4th February), in Hanoi, the First Vice  Chairman of VNFU Mr.Nguyen Duy Luong met and worked with the delegation from Croplife Asia headed by Ms. Thelma L. Soriano – Executive Director. Representatives from Today Countryside Newspaper, Administration Deparment and International Cooperation Department attended the Meeting.


At the meeting, Ms. Thelma expressed her desire to cooperate with VNFU in the widespread implementation of projects on planting genetically modified crops in Vietnam. Through the results of successful tested models, the project will disseminate among farmers to help them understand about the benefits of genetically modified crops compared with traditional crops.

The CropLife also suggested VNFU attending the Asian Farmers' Exchange Program which will be held in Philippines. This is an exchange program for farmers in Asia to visit and learn experience about genetically modified crops which have been successfully piloted in the Philippines.

Ending the meeting, the Union agree to take part in the exchange visits.


By Thai Ha - Translator: Mai Huong

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