Vietnam Farmers' Union: Opening traditional room
15:31 - 25/04/2015
(VNFU's Website) – This morning (19th March), in Hanoi, Vietnam Farmers' Union opened VNFU traditional room.

The VNFU Chairman Nguyen Quoc Cuong, the First Vice Chairman Nguyen Duy Luong,  the 3 Vice Chairman Lai Xuan Mon, Nguyen Hong Ly and Leu Vu Dieu attended the opening.

Completed after more than 03 years of construction, with an area of ​​400m2, the VNFU traditional room is set at the 4th floor at VNFU headquarter. The content of display divided into 3 parts: Establishment and development of Vietnam Farmers' Union ( 1930 - present); Peasantry and Vietnam Farmers' Union in the revolution, construction and defending the Fatherland (1930 - present); The interest of the Party, State and President Ho Chi Minh for the peasantry and Vietnam Farmers' Union.

More than 300 photos and nearly 150 artifacts were collected and exhibited, mainly images of life and activities of farmers and VNFU before 1930 and the Revolutionary Period; artifacts are tools for agricultural production and living of farmers from different regions from 1930 - until now.
Speaking at the opening ceremony, on behalf of the VNFU Permanent Committee, Chairman Nguyen Quoc Cuong praised the efforts of the Expert Board in building the Traditional room. The Chairman stated that the opening helps people understand the great tradition of Vietnamese farmers for thousands years dedicating to country and nation. Chairman requested in the next period, Communication Department of VNFU will be responsible for storing and preserving, continue researching, innovating and collecting more artifacts, pictures and documents to enrich the Traditional room. Also, studying the layout, arrange the Traditional room tobe a place to keep and display artifacts showing the process of continuous development and glorious full of Vietnamese farmers and VNFU associated with the country's history through periods, from time to time ...
Binh Minh – Translator: Minh Hue
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