Vietnam-Korea cooperation: Vietnam’s agriculture to have more opportunities to takeoff
15:08 - 04/07/2017
(VNFU Website) – It was the desire expressed by Mr. Lai Xuan Mon, Member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam and Chairman of Vietnam Farmers’ Union, during the meeting and work session with Mr. Im Byung Min, Chairman of the Board of Agerigna Consulting Korea, this afternoon (June 26) in Hanoi.

VNFU Chairman Mr. Lai Xuan Mon and Chairman of the Board of Agerigna Consulting Korea Mr. Im Byung Min were exchanging words at the work session.
Mr. Lai Xuan Mon expressed his gratitude towards Agerigna for its hospitality and enthusiasm for sharing experiences with VNFU’s officer delegation throughout the trip to Korea. Right after the trip, the delegation had handed in a detailed report in order for VNFU to submit a proposal of the modern production organization of Korean farmers to the leaders of Communist Party of Vietnam and the State. And according to this, if Vietnamese farmers are able to learn from Korean farmers’ experiences in production, good results will come in the future.
Chairman Lai Xuan Mon (on the right) was giving Mr. Im Byung Min a signature product of 600-year-old Chu Dau Pottery Village
Chairman Lai Xuan Mon also pointed out that despite having advantages in climate, soil, young labor force with creative and hard-working tradition, etc., till then Vietnam hadn’t been able to fully exploit all of these due to lack of and weakness in applying technology to production.

Mr. Im Byung Min shared that Korea of the 60s and 70s had to face many difficulties too and the conditions were likely worse than in the current Vietnam. However, after the war, as Korea started focusing on researching and investing in science and technology for agricultural production, the country was able to achieve good results. “If Vietnam makes the right investment decisions, Vietnam will soon achieve results like our country”, said Im.
Mr. Im Byung Min also stated that, through VNFU, Agerigna would continue to support Vietnamese farmers to soon be able to approach advanced technologies to apply to production via hi-tech devices such as computer, smartphone, etc.
In conclusion, Mr. Lai Xuan Mon emphasized: “If we are able to adopt advanced technologies like Korean farmers, Vietnam’s agriculture will have more opportunities to ‘takeoff’”.
Hoa Mai
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