Supporting farmers in Hanoi captital to develop Hi-tech agriculture
11:00 - 24/07/2018
On July 18-19, 2018, Hanoi city Farmers’ Union in co-ordinate with Department of Agriculture and Rural Development,  Coordinating office of the “New-style Rural area construction program” organized a workshop on the restructuring of plants and domestic animals, the application of new technologies and the mechanization in safely agricultural production, ensuring hygiene and food safety, environmental hygiene.

Leaders of Hanoi FU visit late maturation longan for high efficiency model at Lien Chau commune, Thanh Oai district. Photo: T.H
Accordingly, a large number of farmers in districts such as Thanh Oai, Ung Hoa, My Duc, Quoc Oai, Dan Phuong, Hoai Duc, Phuc Tho,…have visited effective agricultural models of farmers in Lien Chau commune and Dai Thanh commune. Through the discussion of farmers and farmers’ organizations in key agricultural districts, the restructuring of plants and domestic animals in the city in recent years has made many positive changes, contributing to the building teams of good production and business farmers. Hundreds of farmers in the city have invested in technology, grey matter to form valuable agricultural models.
However, many comments at the workshop affirmed that in order to encourage the restructuring of plants and domestic animals in local areas, farmers should be given more favourable conditions to accumulate land, especially budget to expand the application of new technologies into production, harvesting and preservation. Support should be directly towards farmers through Supporting Fund for Farmers and Bank of Social Policy.
It is known that, in the past years, levels of Hanoi Farmers’ Union has focused on mobilizing, supporting and building 538 collective economic models: 297 models in the field of cultivation, 127 models in the field of  livestock farming and 114 business service models. Examples of good model: Chains in hill chicken production and consumption (Cam Linh, Ba Vi), Organic vegetables (Thanh Xuan, Soc Son). In these past years, levels of Hanoi FU has concentrated their resources on guiding, supporting the construction and multiplication of collective economic models. Since 2016, Hanoi FU has focused on building the pilot models for giving loans of Supporting Fund for Farmers. Until now, there are 57 collective economic models with 278 household being invested with more than 27 billion dong from Supporting Fund for Farmers.
Thu Ha – Translated by Hong Linh

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