Hanoi: Provide pig farmers with support-at-highest-level and bail-out prevention
16:55 - 21/03/2019
Recently, Hanoi Municipal Party Committee has promulgated Announcement No.1710-TB/TU communicating statements of the Standing Municipal Party Committee for Anti-African swine fever virus prevention activities of the local area.

The prevention of this disease is considered as an urgent and essential missions in the near future. For aforesaid mission, the Standing Municipal Party Committee requested the Municipal Civil Affairs Committee; authorities of all levels, Fatherland Front, political & social organizations at municipal and local levels to urgently deploy the followings:
Directing, supervising, speeding up and instructing of infection prevention measures; strictly follow the Directive No.94/CT-TTg dated 22.02.2019 of the Prime Minister; utilizing 2019 funds for African swine fever virus prevention as per statues.
Hanoi will provide highest-level support for African swine fever virus subsequences under Governmental guideline. Photo: I.T
Establishing specialized groups to inspect the Anti-African swine fever virus activities in all of districts and towns; Directing professional agencies to effectively provide specialized solutions, tightly track the disease progression, sampling for professional inspection, promptly react upon any dead or suspected pigs; fully prepare materials, chemicals sources for prevention and disposal works related to infected livestock.
Request Department of Agriculture & Rural Development to cooperate with related sectors, people’s committee of districts & towns in establishing inspection stations for pig transportation and sale of the locality; focusing on the lead, butchery facilities, especially the importation; strengthening the inspection, penalties for pig smuggling; tightly supervising the disease progression at each hamlets and clusters; promptly handling at site upon any ill or death of livestock; performing sanitation and disinfection works throughout the city.
Enforce the husbandry, butchery, processing and selling households to validate covenants on strictly performing of African swine fever virus prevention. Especially, directing the infected districts to speed up supports for suffered farmers, prevent bailing-out, widespread and recover production. Approved the support-at-highest-level policy against African swine fever virus as instructions of the Government.
Boosting the propagandizing activities in various ways like political-social organizations, radio communication, posts, etc. to improve community awareness, confidence and especially propagandize comprehensively the farmers to understand the nature of the African swine fever virus, keep their faith in pork businesses; prevent unexpected damages to national husbandry.
Translated by My Linh
Nguồn: Danviet
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