To perform well 3 emulation movements launched by the Prime Minister
09:57 - 29/03/2019
This morning (March 27), in Hanoi, the Emulation sector of socio-political organizations and federation organizations held the Conference to summarize the activities of the year 2018 and conclude the emulation covenant for the year 2019.

Leaders of 9 units of the Sector to conclude the emulation covenant for the year 2019

The conference was attended and steered by Mr. Tran Thanh Man, Secretary of the Central Party Committee, Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee, Vice Chairman of the Central Emulation and Reward Council, Leader of the Emulation Sector; Ms. Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh, Vice President, First Vice Chairwoman of the Central Council for Emulation and Reward; Mr. Hau A Lenh, member of the Central Party Committee, Vice Chairman - General Secretary of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee; Thao Xuan Sung, member of the Central Party Committee, Chairman of Vietnam Farmers’ Union and leaders of the sector’s members.
In 2019, members of the sector carry on perform well Resolution of the 12th  National Party Congress, Directive No. 05-CT/TW of the Politburo of the Communist Party regarding “Enhancing the studying and following of Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and lifestyle”, continue to make effective performance of 03 emulation movements launched by the Prime Minister; continue to innovate and upgrade the quality of the rewarding and carry out some common activities of the Emulation sector to welcome the 10th National Patriotic Emulation Congress ...

In 2018, the emulating and rewarding of the members in the Sector have shown continuous innovation and have achieves a lot of good results. Emulation movements and campaigns were launched in many ways with clear and specific themes, goals and targets, had gradually grown both in the breadth and depth, focused on the implementation of political tasks of each member organization, of which included the task of monitoring and social counter of Vietnam Fatherland Front and communities, federation organizations.

Members of the Emulation sector launched the peak emulation movement, especially from the beginning of the year aiming at celebrating the 70th anniversary of the date of President Ho Chi Minh’s calling for patriotic emulation. Vietnam Farmers’ Union successfully held the Seminar to mark the 70th anniversary of the date of President Ho Chi Minh’s calling for patriotic emulation and exchange with Hero of Labor in the renovation period themed “Vigor for 70 years of appealing for patriotic emulation” of President Ho Chi Minh among officials, members and farmers.

Vietnam Farmers’ Union materialized the movement of “The whole nation to strive in building new countryside” into one of the three major movements of the Union and received active response and participation from officials, members and farmers and achieved a lot of good results. All levels of the Union actively provide instruction and support for members and farmers to actively participate in agricultural restructuring, switch the structure of plants and animals, carry out “regrouping of lands” to create specialized and concentrating production areas; construct 12,000 models for protecting environment in the rural areas. Members and farmers donated hundreds of hectares of land, contributed trillions of Vietnam Dong and over 5.3 million working days; repaired and built over 35 thousand kilometers of concrete roads in rural areas; strengthened and repaired over 24 thousand kilometers of internal canals in the filed...

Vietnam Farmers’ Union carried out the movement of “Solidarity and creativity, improving productivity, quality, efficiency, and international integration”, successfully organized the “Creativeness of Farmers’ Techniques” Competition throughout the Union system; The “I am a 4.0 farmer” Competition with the participation of more than 1,000 projects to promptly honor the creative 4.0 farmers and at the same time crate the widespread to have much more 4.0 farmers.

All levels of the Union have mobilized farmer households good at the production and business to assist, provide breeds, capital, agricultural supplies, employment for over 145,000 poor farmers and disadvantaged households valued hundreds of billions Vietnamese dong to help them to get out of poverty.

The members of the Union had orderly implemented the rewarding work, ensured the accuracy, timeliness, fairness, publicity and democracy. The rewarding dossiers, procedures and processes were implemented as regulated. The detection, fostering, summation and replication of good typical examples were focused to implement.

Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh to address to steer the Conference

Ms. Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh, Vice President, First Vice Chairwoman of the Central Council for Emulation and Reward valued that this was the prominent Sector in the implementation the Directive 34 of the Politburo. Though the implementation of activities to mark the 70th anniversary of the date of President Ho Chi Minh’s calling for patriotic emulation in 2018, the Sector organized a lot of the most exciting activities, had collectives and individuals awarded most in the Emulation sectors nationwide. Implementing 3 emulation movements launched by the Prime Minister, the Sector specially rewarded direct laborers (members of union), foreign affairs, awards from state...

Congratulating and praising the fruity results and achievements of the Sector in 2018, the Vice President consented on 5 major contents of 2018, 7 contents to be signed by the units for the year 2018, Vice President proposed the Sector to concentrate on 6 contents in 2019.

Vice President affirmed that the year of 2019 was the breakthrough year for the Sector to reach the target in the year 2020 with the highest result. Of which, the Sector is the collection of all classes of people, which is necessary to summarize to reality, make into theory to supplement into the Party’s instruments ; celebrating 50 years of implementing President Ho Chi Minh’s will and launching a new competition “implementation of office culture” on occasion of Ho Chi Minh’s birthday on May 19, 2019, requesting the Sector to emphasize public service ethics, serving as example of cadres, civil servants and officials must be public servants of the people; the management and growth of union members and members in the new situation must switch into more substantial, shifting from “ lot of members but not strong” to “less members but strong”...

The results of grading and voting outstanding units in the year 2018 of the Sector, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee was proposed to be rewarded emulation flag of the Government; Vietnam Farmers’ Union and Vietnam Union of Science and Technology Associations were proposed to be rewarded the Certificate of Merit by the Prime Minister. The conference introduced and appointed the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee as the Leader of the Sector and Vietnam War Veterans Association as the Deputy Leader of the Sector of 2019.

Addressing to steer and closing the Conference, Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee Tran Thanh Man expressed gratitude to the effective coordination of member organizations with the Fatherland Front. Chairman Tran Thanh Man emphasized that in 2019, it was requested that the organizations must strive and enhance the achievement to double in comparison with the year of 2018. With 6 tasks proposed and directed by the Vice President, requesting organizations to propagandize union members and members to strictly implement the guidelines and policies of the Party and State. At the same time, 9 units in the Sector must strengthen solidarity; continue to effectively promote programs of social monitoring and social counter, create trust among people, continue to listen to people’s opinions and promptly give opinions to the Party, State, Government ...
At the Conference, members of the sector concluded the emulation covenant for the year 2019.

Giang Thanh - Translated by My Linh
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