Vienam Farmers’ Union – Vietnam Fertilizer Association: Towards goal of prosperous agricultural development
10:58 - 29/06/2019
(VNFU Portal) – This morning (26/6) in Hanoi, Vietnam Farmers’ Union and Vietnam Fertilizer Association signed a working coordination program.

Vietnam Farmers’ Union – Vietnam Fertilizer Association sign a coordination program
Attending the signing ceremony, on the side of Vietnam Farmers’ Union there were Mr. Thao Xuan Sung, a member of Party Central Committee, Chairman of Vietnam Farmers’ Union; Vice Chairmen: Bui Thi Thom, Dinh Khac Dinh, Pham Tien Nam. As for Vietnam Fertilizer Association’s side, there was Mr. Nguyen Dinh Hac Thuy, Chairman of Vietnam Fertilizer Association.
In addition there was attendance of Mr. Ha Phuc Mich - Chairman of Vietnam Organic Agriculture Association, former Standing Vice Chairman of Vietnam Farmers’ Union; representatives of leaders of departments and units of the two agencies, Standing Committee of the Farmers’ Union of provinces, cities, fertilizer production and supply enterprises.
At the signing ceremony, Chairman of Vietnam Farmers’ Thao Xuan Sung affirmed: Fertilizer plays a particularly important role for agricultural production, accounting for 30-40% of the cost of cultivation products. Fertilizers provide essential nutrients for growing plants. If nutrients areonly taken from the soil, the plant is not fully nutritious but it must be taken more from fertilizer. When manuring is made in synchronous, reasonable and balanced manner, the average yield of growing plants will increase 30-45%. Therefore the taskof Vietnam Farmers’ Union and Vietnam Fertilizer Association is to propagandize, mobilize, guide farmers to use fertilizer properly for green environment
“Based on the coordination program, I believe that the two parties will pay attention to implement the signed contents, together perform responsibilities with farmers and business members of Vietnam Fertilizer Association  in the production, supply and use of fertilizers aiming to develop prosperous agriculture, wealthy farmers, civilized and modern countryside”- Chairman Thao Xuan Sung emphasized.
Coordination program aims to strengthen propaganda, introduction and support to farmers to identify real fertilizer, detect fake and poor quality one, thereby protecting members of fertilizer production, supply association and fertilizer using farmers; assisting farmers to have access to good quality fertilizer products, grasping usage rules, contributing to increaseplant productivity, income value, ensuring food safety and preserving environment, towards clean, safe agriculture and sustainable development.
The cooperation between the two parties will help farmers reduce costs, increase incomes, improve lives and ensure family and community health; at the same time, it also protects the association's members in terms of fairness in fertilizer production. Through the program to coordinate and supervise the production, supply and use of fertilizers, the two sides promptly discover difficulties and shortcomings to advise the Party, the State and the Government on suitable guidelines and policies for production, management of production, sales and use of fertilizers to reform order of fertilizer market.
At the same time, advising to develop policies to encourage fertilizer production enterprises, especially organic fertilizer for clean agricultural production.
Accordingly, the two sides will organize propaganda, advocacy and dissemination to raise awareness for members and farmers of the law regulations over fertilizer management; fertilizers, especially organic fertilizers for sustainable agricultural development, clean agricultural products, high efficiency, environment-friendly, ensuring food safety and hygiene. Guiding farmers to identify and distinguish fertilizers of real or fake type, poor quality and unobvious origin; consequences and effects on production, business, use of fake and poor quality fertilizer.
Instructing technical process of using fertilizers in general and organic fertilizer to farmer households in direct agricultural production through practical models. Promoting and introducing the use of clean and organic agricultural products to the Farmers’ Union's levels through such manners as: leaflets delivery, advertising, file clips, paper bags, packaging; combined withproduction and promotion activities in seminars, conferences and activities of all levels to raise awareness for members and farmers of organic agricultural production in the orientation of Vietnam agriculture.
Representatives attending the conference
Supervise and violating behaviors and signs in fertilizer production and supply by organizations and enterprises; inadequacies in legal policies and implementation of productionmanagement, use and supply of fertilizers to advise the Party and the State on appropriate mechanisms and policies to reform fertilizer market order. Selecting quality and reputable fertilizer production enterprises in the market to coordinate and link to provide good fertilizer directly to farmer members through the Union’s organizations and officials at all levels with an aim to timely provide fertilizer of good quality, reasonable prices to farmers.
The two parties will build models of using organic fertilizers; fertilizers in accordance with process, bringing productivity, quality, high value, ensuring safety and sustainable development associated with establishment of working groups and cooperatives according to value chain from production to consumption; coordinate, support to organize activities, events, conferences and seminars of Vietnam Farmers’ Union and Vietnam Fertilizer Association.
Every year, on the basis of the agreed scope of work, Vietnam Farmers’ Union and Vietnam Fertilizer Association, together with relevant units, exchange, formulate and agree on the plan to launch implementation contents to ensure the Program operate for the right purpose and effectively. Conducting a review of the implementing contents in December every year.
The Economic Department of Vietnam Farmers’ Union and Central Office of Vietnam Fertilizer Association are responsible focal points for advising, summarizing, coordinating and urging the implementation of the contents of the coordination program.
Every 06 months, the two parties’ pointsmust report on the results of implementation and the concerned contents and the settlement plan for leaders to produce timely guidance.
Supporting central for farmers and rural areas, VNFU presides over advising to sign with enterprises of Vietnam Fertilizer Association on fertilizer supply contracts to members and farmers in the Union system at all levels.
Kim Hue translated by Hong Linh
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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