Making efforts, creativity to support farmers more
17:06 - 31/01/2020

It is not only the expectation but also the assignment of Mr. Thao Xuan Sung, Member of the Central Party Committee, Secretary of the Party Committee of Vietnam Farmers’ Union (VNFU), Chairman of VNFU Executive Committee in the morning of January 30 (January 6 of Lunar New Year) at a meeting of officials and employees at the beginning of the new year of VNFU in Hanoi.

Presenting at the meeting, Chairman Thao Xuan Sung, on behalf of VNFU Party Committee and Standing Committee sent all officials, public servants and employees of VNFU and their families a new year wish of heath, happiness, wellbeing and success in the career and lives, a wish of development at a new level in the organization of VNFU.

Chairman Thao Xuan Sung presenting at the new year meeting of VNFU

On behalf of leadership of VNFU, Chairman Thao Xuan Sung showed his appreciation on the efforts of all officials, public servants and employees of VNFU in the past year.

Promoting the achievements in the last year, Chairman Thao Xuan Sung requested each official, employee, each department and unit of VNFU to make all the great efforts, proactivity, creativity, passion, solidarity and determination for a Lunar New Year in order to implement the targets and tasks, celebrate the 90th anniversary of VNFU foundation, major national holidays and the 13th National Party Congress.

Chairman Thao Xuan Sung giving lucky money and sending his best wishes to officials and employees of VNFU
According to Chairman Thao Xuan Sung, the tasks assigned to VNFU and farmer movement in 2020 would be very heavy. He requested all the officials, especially leaders of departments and units to be active, creative and strengthen advisory work for VNFU Permanent Committee, Standing Committee in effectively implementing the VNFU works and farmer movements.

“Certainly in 2020, all officials of VNFU will continue to overcome difficulties to further improve their roles and tasks, always uphold the highest determination to maintain the strength of solidarity to complete all tasks and plans set out in the FU works and farmer movements” stated Chairman Thao Xuan Sung.

Thu Ha - Translated by Hoa Mai
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