Ben Tre: To take part in the Billionaire Farmers Club, how much billion must members earn per year?
09:36 - 29/11/2020
On the morning of November 19, the Central Mission of Vietnam Farmer's Union led by Vice Chairman Mrs. Bui Thi Thom had a second working session in Ben Tre province. Ben Tre province Farmers Union reported on the billionaire Farmer Club model established and operated by the Union. 

Entertaining and working with the inspection and supervision group of the Central Vietnam Farmers Union were Mrs. Ho Thi Hoang Yen, Standing Vice Secretary of Ben Tre Provincial Standing Committee; Representative of the Provincial Commission for Mass Mobilisation; Department of Agriculture and Rural Development; Cooperative Alliance, together with Chairman, Vice Chairman and Heads of departments and sections under the Farmers Union of Ben Tre province.
Mr. Vo Van Chien, Vice Chairman of the Ben Tre Province Farmers Union reported that during implementation of the works of the Union and the farmer movement in 2020, Provincial Farmers Union complete the goals, set targets with a breakthrough spirit.
As a result, 4,739 new members are admitted in the year that reaching 116%, accounting for 65% agricultural households; 100% braches of the Union built operating funds; 66,259 farmer households won the title of "good production and business" at all levels; Increase of the Farmers Support Fund was more than 4.1 billion VND, reaching 102%; building 77 THT and 13 cooperatives.
Besides, the farmer support activities are particularly interested in the provincial Union. In 2020, the union has coordinated with agents and companies of fertilizer, animal feed, aquatic products to sell on deferred payment to members nearly 235 tons of all kinds, estimated to be worth over 2.5 billion VND; coordinating with companies to organize hundreds of science and technology transfer classes; promoting and selling products, supporting farmers for start-up..
For the implementation of Resolution 04 on the establishment of the Professional Farmers Union, the Professional Farmers Group, 1,066 groups of the Professional Farmers Union have been established with 10,915 members and 1 branch of the Professional Farmers Union with 98 members after a year.
In particular, a new feature of the Ben Tre province Farmers Union is the establishment of the Billionaire Farmers Club which attracting members and farmers to participate and operate that initially achieved effectiveness.
On behalf of Ben Tre province Farmers Union, Mr. Vo Van Chien proposed the Central Committee of the Vietnam Farmers Union to continue to pay attention to allocate more capital to the Farmer Support Fund so that Ben Tre province has conditions to help farmers develop production; to invest in building a pilot model of economic cooperation in the province so that Association officials have conditions to learn and have a model for replication; soon allocating quota for sending staff to trainers at the School of Vietnam Farmers Union.
Speaking at the session, Ms. Ho Thi Hoang Yen, Standing Vice Secretary of Ben Tre Provincial Party Committee highly appreciated the attention of the Central Vietnam Farmers Union to the working situation of the Union and the movement of farmers in the province. Ms. Ho Thi Hoang Yen hopes that in the coming time, the Central Vietnam Farmers Union continue to support the Ben Tre province Farmers Union.
For the Provincial Farmers Union, according to Mrs. Ho Thi Hoang Yen, the Union's activities are implemented deeper and closer to farmers over the past time with many effective models, especially the billionaire Farmers Club is known throughout the country; guiding farmers to join the production chain.
With that result, Mrs. Ho Thi Hoang Yen hopes that the Farmers Union needs to enhance better its role as a bridge of the people in the coming time. Especially, the Union needs to promote the coordinating role of farmers in building a new countryside in the coming time.
Speaking at the session, Mrs. Bui Thi Thom, Vice President of Central Farmers Union highly appreciated the role and activities of Ben Tre Farmers Union. 
Vice Chairman Mrs. Bui Thi Thom emphasized- "The Union has followed the direction of the superior Union and the Resolution of the Provincial Party Committee to identify the key focus in the activity; there are outstanding results such as: Building Professional Farmers Unions, building the model of the Billionaire Farmers Club, building support services to farmers, step by step renovating the content and mode of operation ".

Vice Chairman Mrs. Bui Thi Thom asked the Ben Tre province Farmers Union to focus on 6 key tasks in the coming time
However, up to now, the number of members compared with the number of agricultural households is still low, the association fund is still low; Plan 69 has not established a key model to focus on directing, drawing experience from implementation.

Regarding the tasks in the coming time, Vice Chairman Mrs. Bui Thi Thom agreed with the direction of the Standing Vice Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee. However, Ben Tre Province Farmers' Association needs to focus on 6 tasks.
Firstly, identifying the opportunities and difficulties. That is closely related to the opportunity of fair trade agreements, favorable weather for agricultural development, the Union is interested by the authorities and the government.
Secondly, paying attention to building a clean and strong association to implement the tasks in their functions. In which, strongly direct the establishment of Professional Union Branch, bring practical effects to farmers, attract farmers to take part in Union; pay attention to training staff on skills in civil engineering and agricultural techniques.
Thirdly, promoting propaganda and mobilize members to join Union, cooperatives to create competition and improve income.
Fourthly, strengthening the farmers' consultancy and support services, finding the selling points, building brands and trademarks for agricultural products of members and farmers.
Fifthly, require the Union at all levels to enhance the supervision of the implementation of the Party and State's guidelines and policies in the locality.
Sixthly, the Union plays the role of caring for the peasant class, enhancing propaganda for farmers to actively respond to climate change.
In addition, Vice Chairman Mrs. Bui Thi Thom also suggested that Ben Tre province pay attention to establishing a Farmer Support Center.
Danviet translated by My Linh
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