Mr Pham Tien Nam, Vice Chairman of the VNFU inspects the work of the Association and the farmer movement in Bac Kan: Building models associated with the advantages of forests
12:58 - 28/11/2020
(VNFU Portal)- Implementing the work program in 2020, from November 18-20, , Mr Pham Tien Nam, Vice Chairman of the VNFU  Head of Emulation Cluster No. 3 leading the Mission has checked and supervised the and the farmer movement in Bac Kan province. Attending and working with the delegation were Permanent Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Phuong Thi Thanh.

After listening to the leaders of the Provincial Farmers' Union reporting to the inspection team the advantages and disadvantages in implementing the work of the Association and the farmer movement in 2020; Deputies from departments, agencies and branches also shared more information about the results of the program to coordinate with farmers' union
Conclusion at the meeting, Vice Chairman Pham Tien Nam acknowledged and praised the Provincial Farmers’ Union for actively implementing and completing 11/12 the target assigned by the Central Union. Especially the construction of expenditure, the industrial association associated with the construction of THT and cooperatives. Associations at all levels actively followed the potentials and strengths associated with the advantages of forests, initially had a number of effective models.

Mr. Pham Tien Nam, Vice Chairman of Vietnam Farmers’ Union spoke at the meeting with Bac Kan Farmers’ Union

The Vice Chairman also suggested that the VNFU should organize dialogues between the authorities and its members and farmers to do well the work of criticism, building mechanisms and policies associated with the members' legitimate rights and interests, farmer.

Mr Pham Tien Nam visited the model of members and farmers in Yen Duong commune, Ba Be district

Regarding model building, the Vice Chairman noted that the Provincial Farmers' Union should continue to develop plans for deployment and replication until the end of the term; promoting the strengths of ecotourism, community, Central Council will accompany to support members and farmers.
Regarding the improvement of the quality of members, Vice Chairman Pham Tien Nam suggested the Provincial People's Association to review and evaluate the quality of members, the quality of staff members, the Association, the quality of activities in branches and associations to propose solutions to improve the quality of the association.
Before that, the delegation visited and checked the models invested by the Central Association in My Phuong commune and Yen Duong commune, Ba Be district. The delegation also worked with branches, associations, commune farmers' associations, committees, authorities of My Phuong commune; listen, share and record difficulties, make proposals and recommendations from the grassroots level so that the Central Association can have a basis for adjustment; at the same time, to advise and formulate policies to gradually remove problems in localities.
Mai Ha translated by Ngoc Anh
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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