National virtual conference summarizing 10 years of implementing the Conclusion 61-Kl/TW, Decision No.673/QD-TTg
09:45 - 14/12/2020
In the afternoon of Dec 12th, at the headquarters of the Government, the National virtual Conference to evaluate the results of 10 years of implementation the Conclusion No. 61-KL/TW dated 3/12/2009 of the Party Central Committee's Secretariat and Decision No. 673/QD-TTg dated 10/5/2011 of the Prime Minister was taken place.
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc delivered speech at the national virtual conference on 10-year implementation the Conclusion 61-KL/TW and Decision No. 673/QD-TTg

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and member of the Politburo, Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Head of the Central Committee for Mass Mobilization Truong Thi Mai chaired the conference.

Directing speech at the conference, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc emphasized: Vietnamese farmers in the new era are not only a strong economic force but also a powerful political, cultural and communal force and a really the reliable support of the Party and State in the cause of national construction and defense.

Overview of the conference

For the Vietnam Farmers’ Union, the Conclusion 61 and Decision 673 created a new vitality for the Union's activities and the peasant movement, affirming its role and position in the political system.

Member of the Politburo, Secretary of the Party Central Committee, Head of the Central Committee for Mass Mobilization Truong Thi Tuyet Mai affirmed that a part of peasants living in difficult lives have changed their livelihoods and improved their lives. The number of farming households with well-off lives continues to increase rapidly. Many localities have completed the goal of building new countryside and sustainable poverty reduction. More and more businesses are investing in the agricultural sector, contributing to change the lives of farmers, rural development and the position of Vietnamese agriculture.

That results have affirmed the correct guidelines and policies of the Party and State, an important role in the institutionalization, organization and implementation of the Government's policies and the contribution of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union in advocacy, propaganda and good role representing the legitimate rights and interests of farmers, being a solid bridge between the Party and the State and farmers, contributing to strengthening farmers' confidence in Party, State, political system.
In the 10-year of Conclusion 61-KL/TW and Decision 673/QD-TTg performance evaluation report, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Party Union, and Chairman of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union (VNFU) Thao Xuan Sung said: With the responsibility of the Standing Agency assisting the Project 61 Steering Committee; The VNFU's Party Union issued documents requesting provinces, cities and ministries and agencies to coordinate and implement effectively the Conclusion 61-KL/TW.

The movement of peasants emulating good production and business has become the focal point in the economic and social life in rural areas. Many models of household economy, integrated farm economy, small and medium enterprises, collective groups, cooperatives in the production, processing and sale of products in the value chain, bringing high economic efficiency have emerged.

VNFU at all levels focused on directing and propagating to members and farmers to register and annually more than 6.5 million households registered, of which over 3.6 million households achieved the title of good production and business farmers at all levels. More than 2,200,000 households with incomes from 100 million VND to less than 200 million VND, over 775,000 households with incomes from 200 million VND to less than 300 million VND, over 505,000 households with incomes from 300 million VND to 1 billion VND, over 27,000 households have incomes over 1 billion.

Over the past 10 years, the Government has provided 660 billion VND to supplement the Central Farmers Supporting Fund; 63 provinces and cities have additionally granted to the Farmers Supporting Fund at all levels in the locality 1,980,817 billion VND; raising the total capital of the Farmers Supporting Fund of the whole VNFU system to now reach 3,624,255 billion VND. From the Farmers Supporting Fund at all levels, the Union has helped farmers to link, cooperate to build and establish a model of the branch Union of Professional Farmers, the unit Union of Professional Farmers; developed thousands of models of farmer linking and working groups.

In implementation the Decision No. 673/QD-TTg, the Central Vietnam Farmers’ Union has developed and issued a Decision on approving the Project on Investment Planning and Construction of Vocational Training and Supporting Center under the provincial Farmers’ Union; The decision to establish the Vietnam Farmers’ Union Vocational College School is based on upgrading from the Central Farmers' Vocational Training and Job Support Center and the 4 regional vocational training centers under the school.

55 provinces and cities have arranged ground for construction of Center for Vocational Training and supporting Farmers; 35 provinces and cities have been invested in building and upgrading the Center for Vocational Training and supporting Farmers; 21 projects have been completed and functioning; 42 provinces and cities have arranged non-business payrolls for the Farmers Supporting Center. The Center for Vocational Training and Supporting Farmers exploits and uses effectively, actively contributes to vocational training and supporting farmers.

At the conference, Minister of Industry and Trade Tran Tuan Anh said: The ministry presided over and coordinated with relevant ministries, branches and provincial People's Committees to develop pilot models of agricultural product consumption and material supply in the provinces and cities across the country, typically the provinces: Ha Tinh, Nghe An, Binh Phuoc, Tra Vinh, Yen Bai, Hoa Binh, Cao Bang, Binh Dinh, Quang Nam, Thua Thien Hue, Phu Tho, Lai Chau. Basing on that direction, the Departments of Industry and Trade of the provinces and cities have cooperated with the Farmers' Union, Cooperative Alliance, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development and cooperatives to research and replicate the models. Each province was selected to build 02 pilot models in concentrated and non-concentrated agricultural production areas, supported by the central budget 500 million VND/model.

According to Deputy Minister of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs Le Tan Dung, in the past 10 years, the country has organized vocational training for about 10 million rural workers, with 37% agricultural vocational training, 63% non-agricultural vocational training. Over 85% of farmers after vocational training have jobs and stable income. In the coming time, the Farmers' Union needs to better promote its role in the process of participating in monitoring, social criticism, participating in building mechanisms and policies for agricultural, farmer and rural development.

“From 2013 up to now, the Center for Vocational Training and Supporting Farmers has organized vocational training and certification for 25 thousand rural workers; always exceed the target assigned by the Central Government. Training time is from 1 to 3 months, depending on each occupation and focuses on agricultural and non-agricultural occupations. Most of the vocational trainings organized by the Farmers' Union are brought into play in both economic and social terms; Farmers' members have acquired new knowledge, sciences and techniques to apply in practice, invested in production expansion, developed family farms, farms in the direction of goods, large scale, meet market requirements ”- Deputy chairman of Quang Nam Provincial People's Committee Ho Quang Buu shared.

In the coming time, the Prime Minister asked: It’s necessary to continue building a new farmer class with science and technology, firmly grasping the digital economy, innovating thinking, know-how and say no to the situation of the buffalo going before the plow after.
The Farmers' Unions needs to promote good traditions, important achievements and continue to have a new, stronger and more effective development steps in order to positively contribute to the sustainable development of the country.

Van Thanh - Translated by Tai Thang
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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