Many innovations and innovations in VNFU’s activities and farmers' movements
10:42 - 31/12/2020
(VNFU Portal) - On December 11, in Phu Tho province, Vietnam Farmers’ Union held a briefing meeting on the Union's work and the peasant movement in 2020 of eight provinces under Emulation Cluster 1. Mr. Thao Xuan Sung, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of VNFU Party Committee, Chairman of VNFU attended and chaired the Conference.
Attending the briefings were representatives of leaders of the Central Committee of the VNFU; leaders of the Farmers' Association of 8 provinces in the cluster include: Phu Tho, Yen Bai, Hoa Binh, Son La, Lao Cai, Lai Chau, Dien Bien, Ha Giang.
Speaking at the Conference, Mr. Thao Xuan Sung, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of VNFU Party Committee, Chairman of VNFU acknowledged and highly appreciated the efforts and results achieved by the Provincial FU belonging to Emulation Cluster 1 in implementing the work of the Union and the peasant movement. Although in 2020 the whole country faced many unexpected difficulties and great challenges (natural calamities, epidemics ...) with heavy consequences and damages; however, all levels of the Union in Emulation Cluster 1 have brought into play its role as the center and core in the peasant movement and the construction of a new countryside in the localities. As a result, all levels of the Association in the Emulation Cluster No. 1 have successfully implemented the dual goal of fighting against epidemics and developing economic efficiency together with the party committees and local authorities, achieving 6 great results.

Mr. Thao Xuan Sung, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of VNFU Party Committee, Chairman of VNFU spoke at the Conference
First, all levels of the Union, members, farmers have contributed many important ideas to the draft Document of the XIII Congress of the Party.
 “The Politburo, the Secretariat highly appreciate the comments of Emulation Cluster 1 to the Document set submitted to the XIII National Party Congress. These are all useful, valuable and relevant ideas, including the field of Three Agricutures in the northern mountainous region ”- Chairman Thao Xuan Sung affirmed.

Secondly, the Association at all levels has done well in the fields of propaganda, education, political and ideological work for officials, members, farmers; closely following the undertakings, lines, policies and laws of the Party and State, especially those related to agriculture, farmers, rural mountainous areas and ethnic minorities.
Third, the Cluster focused on building, strengthening the organization of the Union; The key is to develop membership, build association fund, develop branches and associations according to resolutions No. 04, 05, 06 of the Central Committee of the VNFU. Thanks to that, the quality of activities of branches and groups of associations has changed towards practicality, efficiency, associated with production and gradually formed and developed models of spending, groups of professional farmer associations in the area.
Fourth, the inspection and supervision continued to be strengthened by the Union at all levels, thereby succesfully discovered, corrected and removed difficulties and problems to prevent and limit the arising of negativity; at the same time builiding good models and practices for propagation and replication. In addition, organizing effectively coordinates between the local authorities, departments, and branches and farmers' associations at all levels in receiving citizens, settling complaints and denunciations of members, farmers, contributing an active part in maintaining security, politics and safety in the area, especially in the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic.

 Fifth, the emulation movements launched by the Union (focusing on the movement of farmers emulating good production and business, solidarity to help each other get rich and sustainable poverty reduction) continue to be promoted by the Union at all levels. Ermerging In many localities are examples of good, creative, bold farmers applying science and technology to production. Many economic models of households, branches of professional associations, groups of professional associations, cooperative groups, cooperatives associated in production, processing and consumption of products according to the value chain also bring great efficiency and economic value.

 Sixth, organized well many service activities, consultancy, vocational training, support for members, farmers; strengthend coordination with enterprises to supply agricultural materials and fertilizers to farmers in the form of deferred payment. Notably, loans from the Supporting Fund for Farmers at all levels and the trust program with banks continued to be promoted and developed; thereby, raising income, improving the lives of members and farmers, and actively contributing to the promotion of agricultural development, job creation, and new rural construction in localities.
At the conference, the provinces and cities of the Union reported on the results in implementing the tasks in 2020 and direction in the coming time; shared experiences, good practices and difficulties and problems encountered in the work of the Union and the farmer movement. At the same time, representatives of leaders of 8 provincial FU also discussed, focused on groups of issues such as: The situation of agricultural production; the lives of members and farmers affected by the Covid-19 epidemic; the work of building and strengthening the association organization in 2020; solutions to effectively implement key tasks in 2021 ...
Sharing the experience of implementing the Union's work and the peasant movement in 2020, Chairman of the Phu Tho FU, Nguyen Thi Phuong Hanh said: The provincial farmer association has closely followed the direction of the Central Association and the Provincial Party Committee; Simultaneously, actively renew the content, working methods, promote propaganda and education to raise awareness for officials, members, farmers in the area. Accordingly, the Provincial People's Association has actively directed and effectively implemented the Resolution of the 18th Provincial Party Congress, the Resolution of the 7th Congress of the Provincial People's Council and the Resolution of the Fourth Provincial People's Council.
VNFU’s work and the movement of farmers in the province in 2020 has been completed and exceeded the target set by VNFU. Specifically: Over 60% of farming households won the title of good farmer with good production and business; organized over 100 vocational training classes for more than 4,000 rural workers; training, transfer and application of scientific and technological advances to more than 78,000 members and farmers; mobilize and guide the establishment of 10 new cooperatives and 91 cooperative groups ...
Notably, all levels of the Union in the province have received entrustment from the provincial Social Policy Bank with a total outstanding loan of over 1,200 billion VND, currently deploying to more than 32,000 member households, farmers to borrow capital to build economic development models. In addition, the Executive Board of the Supporting Fund for Farmers at all levels has also implemented well the construction and management of capital, currently the whole province manages a total of over 45 billion VND, deploying 1,223 members to borrow for production development and business.
In addition, the Union at all levels coordinated with the Lam Thao Chemical and Supe phosphate Joint Stock Company to organized the supply of thousands of tons of NPK fertilizer by the mode of deferred payment to support members and farmers; coordinated to build and develop 28 OCOP products in the province; campaign for support, donation and construction of 13 Farmer social policy houses.
 Vice Chairman of Yen Bai Provincial FU, Hoang Xuan Long also excitedly shared: Strictly implementing Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control, over the past time, Yen Bai Provincial FU has promoted the application of information technology. in directing, administering, propagating and thoroughly grasping (establishing Zalo group, Fanpage of District FU). Thereby, it helps to grasp the situation at the grassroots level, members, farmers in a timely and deep manner.

Overview of the Conference

In addition, in implementing the emulation movement for good production and business, the Union
at all levels has concentrated all resources, mobilized officials, members, farmers to promote the application of new scientific and technical advances in agricultural and forestry production; actively promote production in the direction of ensuring the safety and quality of agricultural products associated with environmental protection.

The Provincial FU also focused on and promotes the coordination with other branches and businesses in the locality to create favorable conditions for members and farmers to borrow capital; organizing the supply of materials and fertilizers with deferred payment, training in science and technology, building scientific and technological application models, cooperating in the form of collectives such as models of cooperatives, cooperative groups alonng the value chain ensures food safety in association with environmental protection, while contributing to increasing productivity and product quality, increasing value and income for members and farmers.
Concluding the Conference, Mr. Thao Xuan Sung, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of VNFU Party Committee, Chairman of VNFU , suggested that in the coming time, the FU of 8 provinces in the No. 1 Emulation Cluster should continue to focus on implementing some of the following contents: Provincial FU need to propose solutions to raise awareness of cadres, members and farmers in well implementing the Party's guidelines and resolutions, and State policies and laws on development. agriculture, rural areas, farmers in the new stage of development.

In addition, promoting propaganda, dissemination, effectively implementing tasks throughout the whole course to build a transparent and strong association of Vietnamese farmers in the spirit of Resolution No. 04, 05 , 06 proposed by the Central Committee of the VNFU, term 7.
Along with that, on the basis of the direction of the Party and State, continue to effectively implement the Conclusion 61-KL / TW of the Party Central Secretariat and Decision 673 / QD-TTg of the Prime Minister on to enhance the role and responsibility of Farmers' Association in agricultural development, building a new countryside, building a strong Vietnamese peasant class.
"Farmers' associations at all levels should step up emulation movements, especially those launched by the Union; in particular, focus on mobilizing, guiding and supporting members, farmers to effectively implement the agricultural movement in production and business, unite to help each other get rich and reduce poverty sustainably; focus on the training and fostering to improve the quality of the staff of the Union at all levels, especially in remote and isolated areas. , staff of the Union are ethnic minorities in order to build a contingent of officials to ensure both quality and quality, to meet the requirements and tasks of the Union and the movement of farmers in the new era "-Mr. Thao Xuan Sung, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of VNFU Party Committee, Chairman of VNFU emphasized.

Ngoc Minh translated by My Linh
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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