Joint efforts, overcoming difficulties, developing remarks
23:30 - 25/01/2021
On January 22 afternoon, in Hanoi, Vietnam Farmers’ Union (VNFU) organized a year-end workshop for officials, cadres, civil servants and employees to summarize the FU works in 2020 and deploy the tasks for 2021.

An overview of the workshop
The meeting was attended by Mr. Thao Xuan Sung, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of VNFU Party Committee, Chairman of VNFU; Mr. Luong Quoc Doan, First Vice-Chairman of VNFU; Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thang, Chairman of VNFU Trade Union.

In 2020, the country faced many difficulties and challenges, especially the COVID-19 pandemic, heavy rain, floods and landslides in the central region, which seriously affected the production and life of farmer members. However, with the leadership of VNFU Party Committee, VNFU Leader Committee, joint efforts and unity of VNFU officials, cadres, civil servants and employees, the solutions were found, assigned tasks and working plans were successfully implemented and completed.

In particular, significant events and activities were well organized including the 90th anniversary of the establishment of VNFU and receiving Ho Chi Minh Medal, the fifth Patriotism Emulation Congress of VNFU and commend 90 outstanding FU brand leaders in 2020; ceremony to honor and award the excellent farmer title in 2020; the third dialogue of the Prime Minister and farmers in 2020; the national online conference evaluating 10 years of implementation results of Conclusion No. 61-KL/TW dated December 3, 2009 of the Central Party Central Secretariat and Decision No. 673/QD-TTg dated 10/5/2011 of Prime Minister, etc. 

The social works were also focused to be implemented with a lot of positive and strong community -oriented – activities, especially in the context of deploying measures to prevent and control the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting the people in the central provinces who had been affected by historical rain and flood. Thereby, the cultural values, social ethics, good family traditions, the spirit of "mutual love" of the farmers have been highlighted.

 At the workshop, 7 reports on summarizing the FU works in 2020 and implementing tasks in 2021 were presented including: Summary report for 2020, work program for 2021; report on the review of emulation movement and trade union activities in 2020, directions and tasks in 2021; report on the organization - staff work of the central VNFU; report on the implementation of the Statute of Democracy in the office; People's Inspectorate report; financial situation report in 2020, plan for 2021; report on synthesizing opinions and proposals of officials, public servants and officials of the office and receiving explanations...
In 2020, the FU works and farmers’ movements in the whole country have achieved positive results. The development of FU has been focused and consolidated; Membership has been expanded; the quality of members, lives of FU branches and groups have been raised in a practical and effective direction in association with production and business according to the model of profession FU, loan groups, interest clubs in the rural areas... Besides, the inspection and supervision have regularly strengthened; the disciplinary enforcement has been taken seriously; the emulation was timely and  innovative…

Despite many difficulties due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the emulation movements and duties of FU were widely deployed. The emulation movement “good farmers in production and business, solidarity to help each other get rich and sustainable poverty reduction” continued to be strengthened with more examples of excellent farmers, high technology production models, drought and salinity adaptive production models, value chain linkage production models, etc, which have brought high economic efficiency. Service providing, consultancy, vocational training, member support activities, coordination with enterprises to provide agricultural materials to farmer members in the form of interest-free deferred payment were enhanced.
In addition, the regulations in the office have been more effectively implemented. On that basis, the solidarity and promotion of the ownership of each official, civil servant have been enhanced; the improvement of physical and spiritual life of officials and employees in the difficult conditions of the whole country has been focused.
Speaking at the workshop, Chairman Thao Xuan Sung acknowledged and highly appreciated the efforts and results of VNFU departments and units in recent years. He also recommended that cadres, civil servants and employees strengthen solidarity and creativity; actively innovate their thoughts, especially about the restructuring of agriculture and rural economy; strictly implement the message "5K" of Ministry of Health to carry out production based on motto "both preventing pandemic and developing production and business".

Mr. Thao Xuan Sung, Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of VNFU Party Committee, Chairman of VNFU is speaking at the workshop

“It is suggested that VNFU officials, civil servants and employees continue to well implement the internal rules and regulations of the office; promote the spirit of collective democracy, intelligence, efforts, overcoming difficulties and challenges; many initiatives in the works; increase wastefulness in order to actively and successfully implement the tasks and farmers’ movements in 2021 passed in the workshop ”- emphasized Mr. Thao Xuan Sung.
The work of emulation and commendation of VNFU is implemented promptly, accurately and more closely in accordance with the regulations in order to motivate cadres, civil servants and employees to enthusiastically complete the assigned tasks. The results of emulation and commendation in 2020 are as follows:
Regarding organizations and units, there were 11 excellent Departments and Units; 04 advanced Departments and Units, in which, 03 units were awarded the excellent emulation flag of VNFU Executive Committee; 03 units were awarded Certificates of Merit by the Central VNFU. In particular, 02 units were proposed to be considered and awarded the Government's Emulation Flag in 2020; 02 units were proposed to be considered and awarded the First Class Labor Medal in 2020.
Regarding individuals, there were 172 officials who won the title of Advanced Labor in 2020, in which, there were 27 officials with the title of Emulation Soldier at grassroots level; 03 comrades recognized as Emulation Soldier at Central level FU; 02 officials recognized as National Emulation Soldier; 03 officials proposed to receive the Second Class Labor Medal; 01 officials proposed to receive the Third Class Labor Medal; 11 officials awarded with Certificates of Merit by the VNFU Executive Committee; 20 officials awarded with the Medal "For the Vietnamese Peasantry", etc.
Moreover, VNFU at the central level received the Excellent Unit Flag of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labor and the awarded the Flag of the leading unit of the emulation cluster No. IV of Vietnam Public Sector Union.  
The comments and ideas of VNFU officials, public servants and employees were received and answered by the leaders at the workshop. After listening to the draft workshop resolution, 100% of the officials, public servants and employees agreed to approve it.
Also at the workshop, Mr. Nguyen Xuan Thang – VNFU Trade Union Chairman launched the emulation in 2021, then the directors of VNFU Departments and units in turn signed in the emulation commitment.

Some outstanding results were achieved in 2020 as follows:

- FUs at all level admitted more than 279,000 new members, bringing the total number of farmer members in the country to more than 10.2 million members.

- FU Standing Committee at all levels established delegations and organized 65,589 inspections and supervision mission in order to promptly identify shortcomings and limitations to find solutions; discover good and typical practices for propaganda and replication.

- Through the comments, the whole country had more than 3.5 million farmer households achieving the title of good farmer at all levels.

- More than 206,000 farmer members were directly provided and coordinated to provide vocational training by the FUs.

- Training and retraining were coordinated to organize for officials and members of cooperatives and cooperative groups; 5,111 collective economic models were propagated, mobilized for establishment; 1,191 profession branches and 9,208 profession groups were established; nearly 2,000 high-tech agricultural production demonstration models were developed. 
VNFU Standing Committee mobilized officials, farmers, members nationwide to actively respond and contribute to the "Day for the Poor" Fund to support and help over 45,000 turns of poor farmers with seed, capital, agricultural materials, technology ... with the value of 10 billion VND.

During the COVID-19 pandemic spreading to the community, VNFU at all level mobilized officials, good production and business farmers and enterprises to promote the spirit of mutual sentiments, actively contribute and donate thousands of tons of rice, many essential consumer goods, medical masks and tens of billions VND, etc in order that the timely support, difficulty sharing were done for policy families, poor households, families with unemployed workers and the support for organizations participating in the pandemic prevention and control was made.

Since the severe storms and floods in the central region caused serious damages to the lives and property of the people, members, farmers, VNFU Standing Committee oriented and organized the missions to timely visit, encourage, help, give gifts to the farmers and people there. To present, FUs at all level have contributed and supported the people in the central region with a total amount of over 113.8 billion VND and many objects worth tens of billion VND.
VNFU also coordinated and received 15,350 dignity kits for female farmer members and flood-affected farmers in 08 provinces including Thanh Hoa, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Quang Binh, Quang Tri, Thua Thien Hue, Quang Nam, Quang Ngai from the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) with the total value of 600,000 USD. 
Huy Thanh - Translated by Huong Lan
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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