Hung Yen provincial FU: Developing farmers’ movements associated with livelihoods and increasing income for members
23:23 - 21/01/2021
In the morning of January 19, 2021, Hung Yen provincial FU organized the 7th expanded Executive Committee Meeting, Session IX in order to summarize the FU works and farmers’ movements in 2020, give the orientation and tasks for 2021. Directing the meeting were Mr. Luong Quoc Doan – the 1st Vice - Chairman of VNFU and Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung – the 1st Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee.

In 2020, the provincial FU actively advised the Party Committee, coordinated with the local authorities, departments, agencies and mass organizations to facilitate resources for the accomplishment of FU tasks and plans. FUs at all levels coordinated to organize 3,747 propaganda sessions for 411,710 turns of farmer members; organized "Country Singing Festival" to successfully celebrate the 9th Provincial Party Congress, term 2020 - 2025; contest "Farmers study on the law" at the provincial level for 10 teams and more than 100 candidates who are officials, farmer members, of 10/10 districts, towns and cities.
To effectively implement the guidance of the Prime Minister and respond to the call of the Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee at the province on "Entire people participate in supporting, prevention and fight against the COVID-19 pandemic", FUs at all levels mobilized the total of more than 01 billion VND including goods and cash. Besides, the FUs hold a donation campaign to support the people in the central region who had been damaged by floods. Goods, necessities and cash with a total value of more than 1.9 billion VND were collected.
Over the past years, the emulation movement “good farmers in production and business, solidarity to help each other get rich and sustainable poverty reduction” has been continuously innovated to improve its quality and efficiency by FUs at all levels. There were 76,394 turns of households achieving the title of good business and production ones, coordinating to help 968 households to escape from poverty. Moreover, difficult households were supported with the capital of more than 10 billion VND; 03 billion VND of trees, animals, food and 11,350 working days.

 FUs at all levels focused on building and developing effective economic models, mobilizing and guiding farmer members to participate in the development of collective economic models in agriculture professional FU branches and groups. Up that time, FUs consulted, guided farmers to establish 57 cooperatives, 50 cooperative groups, 36 profession FU branches, 84 profession FU groups. They also mobilized farmer members to participate in the construction of rural infrastructure with the total amount contribution of more than 62 billion VND, donate 31,074 m2 of land, join 27,357 working days, renew and repair 80km of rural roads, upgrade 72.2km of inner field canals; repair and renew 30 bridges, etc.

In recent years, the FU has paid attention to innovating and improving the efficiency of consultancy, support, service and vocational training activities for farmers to develop production and business through the development of funds from Supporting Fund for Farmers at all levels. The total fund source of the provincial Fund in the whole province reached 79,900 million VND, which was used to lend 1,849 turns of households for their production and business.
Moreover, trust activities with banks was effectively deployed by the FUs. The total trust balance with the Bank for Social Policy was 953,518 million VND with 09 programs implemented in 944 Savings and Credit Groups, providing loans to 24,501 turns of farmer households. The total outstanding amounts of loans with Agriculture and Rural Development Bank was 1,923 billion VND (an increase of 1,105 billion VND compared to 2019) with 230 loans groups for 9,584 turns of households.
Speaking at the meeting, Mr. Luong Quoc Doan highly appreciated the achieved results and praised the efforts of FU officials, farmer members in the province. He asked FUs at all levels to continue to renew the contents, forms and organization of activities in the coming time; pay attention to strengthening the training and retraining of officials to meet the mission requirements in the new period; promptly grasp the difficulties, thoughts and aspirations of farmer members to proactively propose to the Party Committees, local authorities for guidelines and solutions that meet the legitimate aspirations of farmer members and the people.
At the meeting, the provincial FU launched the emulation and signed emulation agreements in the whole province. On the occasion, 35 collectives and 27 individuals with excellent achievements in FU works and farmers’ movements were awarded with Certificates of Merit by VNFU at the central and provincial level.

Hoang Hang - Translated by Hong Linh
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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