Many bright points in the work of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union and the peasant movement
09:56 - 13/01/2021
The 6th, Session VII (term 2018 - 2023) Central Excecutive Committee of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union (VNFU) conference discussed and evaluated in an objective, comprehensive and complete manner all the activities in the work of the Union and the peasant movement in 2020 was chaired by Mr. Thao Xuan Sung - Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Party Union, Chairman of the Central Committee of VNFU and the Vice Chairman of the VNFU Central Committee.

Unions at all levels actively carry out propaganda and dissemination of the Party's undertakings and resolutions, the State's policies and laws; resolutions and directions of the Union to all officials, members, farmers. The leadership and direction of the Executive Board of Farmers' Union at all levels has been increasingly focused, closer to the locality and closer to members and farmers.
Some outstanding results in 2020:
- Unions at all levels admitted over 279,000 new members (reaching 116.2% of the plan); the total number of members and farmers in the country now has more than 10.2 million members
 - The Standing Committee of VNFU at all levels established delegations and organized 65,589 mornitoring and evaluation to promptly point out shortcomings and limitations to have solutions to overcome; at the same time, to discover good and typical practices for propaganda and replication.
- Through the comments, the whole country has more than 3.5 million farming households achieving the title of good farmer at all levels, reaching 102.8% of the plan.
- Established 1,191 branches of the profesional Farmer Union and 9,208 groups of  profesional Farmers
- More than 206,000 members, farmers are directly underwent vocational training organized and coordinated by the Union.
- Coordinated to organize trainings and capacity building for officials and members of cooperatives and collective groups; propaganda, mobilization and consultation, guiding the establishment of 5,111 collective economic models (reaching 147% of the plan)
 - Built nearly 2,000 high-tech agricultural production demonstration models
The leadership and direction of the Executive Board of the Farmers' Union at all levels is focused, key, close to the grassroots, close to the farmers; propaganda was implemented extensively and promptly. In particular, the Central Standing Committee of the VNFU has directed and well organized important, meaningful and practical activities and events recognized and praised by leaders of the Party and State; officials, members, farmers and society are interested and highly appreciated such as: The 90th anniversary of establishment of the VNFU, receiving the Ho Chi Minh Medal, the 5th Congress of Patriotic Emulation of VNFU and commend the 90 outstanding typical Union branch leaders in 2020; Ceremony to honor and award the title of Excellent Vietnamese Farmers in 2020; The third Prime Minister's Conference with farmers in 2020 and the National Online Conference on 10-year implementation of Conclusion 61-KL/TW, dated December 3, 2009 of the Secretariat and Decision No. 673 / QD-TTg, dated 10/5/2011 of the Prime Minister, etc.
Organizational building work has been focused and consolidated; membership composition and object to be enlarged; the quality of members, the quality of living of branches and groups of the Union has been raised towards practicality and efficiency associated with production and business according to the model of the Professional Farmers’ Unions, the Professional Farmers’ groups, the farmer loan groups, different types of hobby clubs in rural areas; the emulation movements launched by the Union continue to develop in breadth and depth; Unions at all levels actively organize service activities, counseling, vocational training and support for farmers; social work strongly towards community and grassroots level; the Union's mornitoring and evaluation and discipline enforcement have been strengthened; emulation and commendation work has been performed in a timely manner, with many innovations. 

The highlight of this conference is the review of 10 years of implementation of the Project No.966 on "Renovating and improving the efficiency of the Farmers Supporting Fund in the period of 2011 - 2020". This can be considered as a huge resource, creating a resilience and breakthrough to help members and farmers to rise in production and business.

 Specifically, after 10 years of implementing the project, the activities of the Farmers Supporting Fund in general have achieved outstanding results in terms of operation scale, quality and efficiency. Up to now, the total capital of the Farmers Supporting Fund at all levels in the system has reached 3,742.269 billion VND (increased more than 3,194 billion VND compared to 31/12/2010); the growth rate reached 21%/year (far exceeding the target compared with the proposed scheme by 10-15%/year).
Unions at all levels with a network of Union officials from central to grassroots levels and all branches across the country have been transferring funds of the Framers Supporting Fund to members and farmers effectively and effectively. From the fund at all levels has helped form thousands of economic models of union, cooperation, branch professional farmer unions, groups, collective groups, cooperatives ... In 10 years, total number of loans from the Farmers Supporting Fund of the whole VNFU system reached over 11,141 billion VND, with more than 662,000 households borrowed capital to develop production and business to improve income.
At the conference, representatives of Farmers' Unions in provinces and cities shared experiences in the construction and development of capital sources of the Farmers Supporting Fund. In general, the localities that have effectively implemented the Fund Project in the past 10 years all have the same "formula" to success, that is, Farmers' Unions have promptly advised, won and correctly consulted all committees, authorities at the same level in implementing effectively Conclusion 61 of the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee and Decision 673 of the Prime Minister, etc.
Chairman of Binh Duong provincial Farmers' Union, Do Ngoc Huy, said: Over the past years, the Provincial Farmers’ Union as a bridge has guided members and farmers to raise awareness and choose start-up models towards lasting; at the same time, based on the application of science and technology to create many agricultural products with high productivity and quality, with economic value. Currently, with the total resources of the Farmers Supporting Fund at all levels in the province being managed reaching over 146.5 billion VND, the Provincial Farmers' Union is in the leading group in the country in both size and growth rate.

Vice Chairman of Cao Bang Provincial Farmers' Union, Mac Thanh Tam shared his experience: As one of the poor provinces of the country, balancing the provincial budget still faces many difficulties. In order to increase the capital of the Farmers Supporting Fund, the Provincial Farmers' Union has focused on promoting propaganda and mobilization from officials and businesses located in the province. Accordingly, the mobilization level for cadres, civil servants and public employees is at least 1 day's salary; each donor donated 100 thousand dong; businesses support from 1 million VND or more ... In addition, the Provincial Farmers' Union actively propagated the models of using the funds effectively to help members and farmers more trust and close with the union. Thanks to the mobilization of socialization well, the total capital of the Provincial Farmers Supporting Fund is over 47.9 billion VND.
At the Conference, Mr. Thao Xuan Sung - Member of the Party Central Committee, Secretary of the Party Union, and Chairman of the Central Committee of the VNFU launched the emulation in 2021 with the theme "Democracy, solidarity, dynamic, creative, overcome difficulties, challenges, and emulate successfully the targets and tasks; build a clean and strong Union for the goal of developing prosperous agriculture, rich farmers, modern and civilization rural".
In turn, Chairman of provincial and city FUs belonging to 6 emulation clusters signed the covenant of emulation, determined to strive to implement the emulation content was launched; to focus on directing to successfully complete the tasks of the Union and the farmer movement in 2021. 
On this occasion, the Central VNFU announced the Decision on the recognition of the emulation title in 2020 for 31 provinces and cities with the title of "Advanced Unit" and 30 provinces and cities awarded the title "Excellent"; awarded the Emulation Flag of the Central Farmers’ Union to 17 provincial and city Unions; Awarding Certificates of Merit from VNFU Central Executive Committee to 08 Farmers' Unions of provinces and cities with outstanding achievements in the work of the Union and the farmer movement in 2019-2020.
At the same time, awarding merit certificates of the VNFU Central Executive Committee to 24 Provincial and City Farmers' Unions for having outstanding achievements in activities to support Covid-19 epidemic prevention and natural disasters in 2020; awarding the special merit certificates of VNFU Central Excecutive Committee to 36 collectives and 75 individuals of the Central VNFU and the provincial and city FUs for their achievements in the implementation of the Project "Inovation and improving the efficiency of the Farmers Supporting Fund's operations, in the period of 2011-2020 ”.

The 6th, Session VII (term 2018 - 2023) conference of the VNFU Central Excecutive Committee passed the Resolution with the consensus of 100% of the participants.

In terms of directions, goals, tasks and solutions to develop the Farmers  Supporting Fund in the period of 2021 - 2030, every year, the fund source of the Fund of the whole system strives to achieve an average growth of 10% or more according to the target of the  Resolution of the VNFU Congress VII. Accordingly, by 2030, the provinces and cities with total capital of the Farmers  Supporting Fund currently below 20 billion VND will grow at least 20%/year; The provinces and cities of the Union have the total capital of the  Farmers  Supporting Fund at present from 20 to 50 billion VND, growing at least 10%/year; The provinces and cities of the Union with the total capital of the Fund at present are over VND 50 billion, growing at least 8%/year; particularly, the provinces and cities of the Union have the total capital of the Fund currently reaching over 100 billion VND, increasing at least 5%/year. In addition, the Union at all levels have effectively used the funds of the Farmers Supporting Fund; focus on lending, successfully build and actively replicate economic development models in the direction of linking cooperation and production of goods along the value chain. Strive to have 100% projects to borrow funds by 2030 associated with the construction of professional farmer groups and unions.

The Conference agreed on the main targets of the Union's work and the peasant movement in 2021 as follows: (1) 100% of the officials and members will be propagated, disseminated and educated the Party's guidelines and policies, policies and laws of the State and resolutions of the VNFU; (2) Admission of 240,000 or more new members; (3) By the end of the term, 100% of the Union branches can build up the union fund and have a regulation on management and use of the fund; (4) 100% of the members of the farmer group and union branch leader will receive training and capacity building; (5) There are 3,425,000 farming households with the title of "Excellent production and business" at all levels; (6) Capital growth of Farmers Supporting Fund at all levels reached 318 billion VND; (7) By 2023, each union branch will build at least one cooperative; (8) 3,536 union units will built at least one model of environmental protection and climate change adaptation; (9) 100% of household members register and commit to ensure safe agricultural production; (10) There are 4,363 union units built a new model of self-management in terms of security and order; (11) There are 9,262,492 members, farmers participating in health insurance; (12) There are 164 provincial-level Farmers' Union can learn and use a foreign language in communication; (13) There are 85 Chairmen of Farmers' Union at border areas study and can speak neighboring country languages.


Danh Nam - Translated by Tai Thang
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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