Bac Ninh Farmers’ Union: Affirming its roles in agricultural and rural development
23:27 - 10/02/2021
More than 10 years of implementing the project "Improving the roles and responsibilities of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union in agricultural development, building a new countryside and building the Vietnamese peasant class in the period 2010 - 2020" and Decision No. 673 of the Prime Minister, many localities of the province has achieved remarkable results. Thanks to that, the position and role of Unions at all levels have been increasingly confirmed, making an important contribution to promoting agricultural and rural development in the province.

Right after the Conclusion No. 61 of the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee and Decision 673 of the Prime Minister were issued, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee proactively developed plans and directed the implementation to all levels of the Party Committee. In addition, a Steering Committee for the implementation of Project 61 of the province was established, comprising of 16 comrades, lead by the Head of the Provincial People's Committee's Propaganda Department.
At the same time, the Provincial People's Committee issued Plan 92 on the implementation of the Prime Minister's Decision 673. Accordingly, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Farmers' Union collaborated with related stakeholders to develop a project to establish and rename the Provincial Farmers’ Union Job Introduction Center into the Provincial Center for Vocational Training and Farmer Supporting and the Project on organizational and staffing structure of the Provincial Vocational Training and Farmer Supporting Center to submit to the Provincial People's Committee for approval. In 2013, the Center for Vocational Training and Farmer Supporting was invested 20 billion VND by the Central Farmers’ Union (building cafeteria, dormitory, workshop and ancillary works); The Provincial People's Committee approved an investment project of more than 12 billion VND to repair the Center. By October 2014, the project was completed and functioned.

Implementing the renewal and improving the operational efficiency of the Farmers Supporting Fund, the Provincial Farmers Supporting Fund Management Board has managed to well manage the entrusted funds and the existing capital sources; actively exploit capital sources according to channels. Request the Provincial People's Committee to agree annually to supplement the Fund's capital growth, and at the same time instruct the District People's Committee and the grassroots level to periodically balance the budget sources to supplement the Farmers Supporting Fund.

 Up to now, the total capital of the Provincial Farmers Supporting Fund has reached 87.6 billion VND. In which, the Provincial Farmers' Union manages 77.8 billion VND (including: Central Union Trustee is 16.6 billion VND, Provincial People's Committee's source is 61.2 billion VND); district level sources of 6.3 billion VND; grassroots level is 3.5 billion. Currently, the capital is disbursing for 1,384 member households, farmers implementing 323 projects, contributing to job creation, increasing income for more than 4,000 workers.

Regarding vocational training for rural workers, the Center for Vocational Training and Farmers Support implements the program in coordination with the Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, and Vocational Training Center of districts, towns and cities have organized vocational classes for workers in rural areas. As a result, all levels of the Union have directly organized and coordinated to organize nearly 1,300 primary vocational training classes for 39,197 trainees who are members and farmers in the province. After receiving vocational training, the average employment rate is 78%. 

 Unions at all levels regularly coordinate with companies inside and outside the province to promote consultancy activities, support members and farmers in production; coordinate to supply agricultural machinery and materials. Up to now, it has supplied nearly 44 thousand tons of seeds, fertilizers, microbiological preparations, and pesticides to members and farmers for production; contribute to limit the situation of fake fertilizers, poor quality fertilizers; ensure timely production crops, increase productivity, product quality and the benefits of farmers.

 In order to promote "linking 6 houses" in agricultural production and consumption of agricultural products for farmers, the Provincial Farmers' union directs and guides the Unions at all levels to effectively implement the campaign "Vietnamese people prioritize to using Vietnamese goods "; continuing to maintain the operation of "Safe Agricultural Products Introducing and Selling Shops" at the Provincial Farmers' union offices; proactively coordinate with units, businesses, farmers' Unions of provinces and cities in the promotion and sale of agricultural products; consulting and assisting farmers in building agricultural brands. Actively participate in agricultural and rural fairs and exhibitions held both inside and outside the province; signed and implemented effectively the program in coordination with the Provincial People's Committee, the Provincial Fatherland Front, and provincial departments, agencies etc.

Chairman of Bac Ninh Farmers’ Union, Deputy Head of the Steering Committee for the implementation of Project 61 provinces, Tran Dang Sam said: Over 10 years of implementing the Conclusion 61 of the Party Central Secretariat and the Decision 673 of the Prime Minister in the province has achieved remarkable results. Since then, it contributes positively to the development of agriculture and rural areas in the province, contributing to the province basically becoming an industrial province in the direction of modernization; at the same time, affirming the position of the Farmers’ Unions, changing the awareness of the Party committees and authorities at all levels about the roles and responsibilities of farmers' Unions in agricultural development, new rural construction and farmer class building.
To bring into play the achieved results, in the coming time, the Unions at all levels will continue to closely follow the leadership of the Party Committee; to take advantage of the attention and conditions of Party committees and administrations at all levels; proactively coordinate with the Departments and branches to more effectively implement the signed programs; diversify consultancy activities, support members, farmers in production and business. These will contribute to enhancing the role and position of the Union in agricultural and rural development and building the peasant class of the province. 

Nguyen Thu - Translated by Tai Thang
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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