Farmers’ Union support farmers “Start-up”
23:31 - 27/02/2021
In recent years, all levels of the Union have actively mobilized and supported farmers to access agricultural production in applying information technology and biotechnology into production to improve the quality of agricultural products, food safety and hygiene, increase added value, promote export. 

Through promoting training, improving the quality of vocational training, equipping knowledge about advanced science and technologies, culture, society, law, market and integration for farmers who are farm owners to apply high technology into production to bring high economic efficiency, a part of farmers after being trained have "started their career" as the core to establish businesses, cooperatives, collective groups, farmer’s professional branches and groups have contributed to economic restructuring, rural labor structure, job creation, and increased income for local workers.

Unions at all levels have launched, propagated and mobilized householder of members, farmers to register to strive to achieve the title of good farmer doing business in 2020. All levels of the Union mobilized 6,057,010 householder of members, farmers registered to achieve the title of good production and business farmers at all levels. Through the review and assessment, there were 3,725,154 households awarded the title of good farmer at all levels, reaching 101% of the annual plan.

The movement continued to develop, there were many examples of excellent farmers in production, good business, creative, dare to think, dare to do, bravely applying advanced techniques and technologies and investment to expand production and business, forming models of household economy, integrated farm economy, model of farmer’s professional branches and groups, cooperatives, link in production, processing and sale of products in the value chain collective groups which bring high economic efficiency.

Typical example as Mr. Pham Van Luong, Hong Phong commune, An Duong district, Hai Phong city, with the biosafety model of poultry farming, has reached 110 billion dong/year; Mr. Lam Van Tinh, Thoi Hung commune, Co Do district, Can Tho city, with 2 models of growing banana tissue and growing longan, has brought in revenue of tens of billions dong each year; Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Thoan, in Moc Quan commune, Duy Tien town, Ha Nam province, with the model of dairy farming and producing fresh milk products, the revenue is about 15 billion VND/year etc.

In some provinces and cities have established and launched the Billionaire Farmers Clubs, the Farmers' Good Business Clubs, and the Rural Entrepreneur Clubs to help gather and link members, farmers in good production and business  to improve product competitiveness and farmers' income; to mobilize good production and business households to support and help member households and farmers in difficult circumstances to escape poverty. Unions at all levels have mobilized members and farmers to contribute to the "Day Fund for the Poor" to support seeds, capital, agricultural materials and techniques for more than 45 thousand poor farmers with the value of tens of billion VND.

Farmers’ Unions at all levels have continued to guide and support the implementation of the Prime Minister's Decision No.490/QD-TTg dated May 7, 2018 approving one commune one product program for the period of 2018-2020 (OCOP). There are 2,083 OCOP products were recognized. The Standing Committee of the Central Farmers’ Union has directed the implementation of projects on building typical production models, economic development in provinces and cities with good results.

For example, the Co Giang sticky rice production model in Lai Chau; raising indigenous black chickens and pigs in Son La; raising green-necked ducks and growing medicinal plants in Yen Bai; producing fish and shrimp by high technology in Nam Dinh; growing medicinal plants (Chrysanthemum flowers) in Hung Yen; pig farming in Quang Ngai; production of rice and shrimp in Ca Mau; mango growing in An Giang etc.

The Vietnam Central Farmers’ Union cooperated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Vietnam Cooperatives Alliance to organize a 2-year preliminary assessment of the results of the implementation of the Joint Program on the implementation of the target of 15,000 cooperatives and agricultural cooperative union operating effectively according to the Resolution of the National Assembly.
Farmers’ Unions at all levels have coordinated to organize training and fostering classes for officials and members of cooperatives and collective groups; consulting and guiding the establishment of 315 new cooperatives; 3,096 collective groups, thereby supporting member economic development through the supply of inputs, support consumption, helping to reduce costs, improve production efficiency and expand the scale of operations of member economies contribute to creating jobs, increasing income and stabilizing the lives of farmers.

Long Ha - Translated by Tai Thang
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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