Chairman of Vietnam Farmers’ Union was impressed with “people carrying grass, cows carrying people” movement in the rockiest district of the country
10:03 - 15/03/2021
Mr. Thao Xuan Sung – Vietnam Farmers’ Union (VNFU) Party Secretary, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Union said that, despite being the rockiest mountain district in the country, only 28% of the area is land but the people of Meo Vac (Ha Giang) still persistently stick to good production while taking care of firmly protecting the border of the Nation.

On March 12, the Central Delegation of the VNFU was led by Mr. Thao Xuan Sung - Secretary of the Party Union, Chairman of the VNFU Central Committee working with leaders and officials of Meo Vac district, Ha Giang province 
The district has the largest herd of Vang cows in the country
Sharing with the Central Mission of VNFU on March 12, Mr. Nguyen Cao Cuong - Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee, Chairman of Meo Vac district People's Committee (Ha Giang) said that being a mountainous district in the northern border of Ha Giang province, the topography of Meo Vac is mainly rocky with severe climate, etc.
However, thanks to the consensus and determination of officials, leaders and people, in recent years, Meo Vac has performed well and effectively in many fields of economic, cultural - social development, national defense and security assurance, Party building work, political system consolidation, etc.
In particular, the implementation of the National Target Program on new rural construction of the district has many breakthroughs. Most prominent is the movement "On Saturday, staff and people join hands to build a new countryside" continues to be paid attention by agencies, units and steering committees of communes and towns to effectively implement. Recently, Pa Vi commune is the first commune of the district to reach a new rural destination, the whole district has no communes meeting less than 10 criteria.
In the fields of industry, transport, construction, and planning of the district has also achieved many outstanding achievements. Particularly in the first 2 months of 2021, industrial value reached 29.24 billion VND, reached 6.51% of the set plan, compared to the same period last year reached 123.06%; handicraft production value was estimated at 3.9 billion dong.
Regarding to the work of poverty reduction, social security, up to now, the rate of poor households in the area has decreased to nearly 36%. Income per capita has been raised to over 20 million VND/person/year; in many localities, many households, breeding models have appeared with high income reaches hundreds of million dong/year.
Ms. Hoang Thi Chinh - Deputy Head of Agriculture Department of Meo Vac district said, based on the advantages of the local topography and climate, in recent years, Meo Vac has had many policies to support the development of specialty breeding such as fattening Vang cows, raising black pigs Lung Pu, black chickens, etc.
"Thanks to many policies to support husbandry such as support for specialty breeds, seed support, grass and maize growing techniques to feed cattle and poultry, so far the total herd of specialty animals of Meo Vac has increased significant. As of March 2021, the district's Vang cows and fattening cows reached over 32,000 heads, specialty pigs reached over 34,000 heads. Of which, there is a number of farms, large farms with income from several hundred million to billions/year such as fattening cattle farm Sung My Hong in Pa Vi; specialty pig farm Lung Pu Tuan Dung etc.", shared by Ms. Chinh.
As a unit that always closely monitors and supports farmer members in communes of Meo Vac district, Mr. Phan Minh Pu - Chairman of Meo Vac district Famers’ Union said, in recent years, the district Famers’ Union has directed FUs at all district levels to continuing to maintain well and develop capital sources of the Farmers Supporting Fund to approve loans to members to establish 2 raising Lung Pu black pig models in Nam Ban, Na Hin village, Nam Ban commune with the capital of 60 million VND; building 2 models "Fattening cow raising" in two communes of Xin Cai and Tat Nga with a total capital of 600 million VND, etc.
In addition, the Farmers’ Unions at all levels of the district actively encourages farmers' members to borrow capital for household economic development, collective economy, interest groups and cooperatives.
In order to support members and farmers to do business more professionally and effectively, the head of the Central Vietnam Farmers’ Union suggested that the Executive Committee of Meo Vac District Farmers' Union should study and soon establish a branch of the farmer’s Professional Union focusing on specialty animal rearing; a branch of the farmer’s Professional Union focusing on aquaculture on hydropower reservoirs, etc. Thereby helping the farmer's members to link production and breeding commodity products to both attract and serve tourists and aim  to sell products further.
Replication of specialty breeding models
Sharing difficulties with officials, leaders and people of Meo Vac district in particular and mountainous districts of Ha Giang in general, Mr. Thao Xuan Sung said: No district in the country has many difficulties, as challenging as the rocky mountainous districts of Ha Giang. Especially Meo Vac, the main area of the district is rocky mountains, only 28% is land, but people here still persistently hold on to both effectively carry out production tasks and border protection of the nation.
Among the many achievements that the border rocky mountain district has achieved, the Chairman of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union was especially impressed with the "People carrying grass, cows carrying people" movement by Meo Vac. "The land is small, the people of Meo Vac communes know how to bring grass and maize varieties to green the rocky mountains, then carry the grass back to take care of the cows.
Thanks to the raising of specialty Vang cows, fattening cows, many households have high incomes, people can buy motorcycles, good household appliances to use. People's lives are getting better and better and more stable. We are really impressed and happy to see these achievements, "said the head of the Central Vietnam Farmers’ Union.
On the same day, the Central delegation of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union also visited the largest specialty pig farm in Meo Vac district. At Tuan Dung farm in Lung Pu commune is raising more than 1,000 Lung Pu black pigs. On average, each month this unit sells to people in the commune hundreds of pig breeds and sows for economic development.
Highly appreciating the specialty breeding model of Tuan Dung farm, Mr. Thao Xuan Sung said that Tuan Dung farm knew how to take advantage of the potential and strengths of climate and local soil to raise special animals with large-scale production.
Talking with officials and leaders of Meo Vac district, Chairman of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union said: "I see the direction of Tuan Dung farm very effectively, while helping to conserve and preserve indigenous specialty breeds and also help ethnic minorities rise out of poverty and get rich.
We hope that the local authorities continue to orient and support Tuan Dung farm and other farms and families in the area to modernize farm facilities to make eco-tourism increase income for farmers".
At the meeting, the head of the Central Vietnam Farmers’ Union also assigned units of the Union to research, support technical trainings, and source funds from the Farmers Supporting Fund for communes of the mountainous Meo Vac district a number of specialty breeding, improvement of trash gardens, community-based tourism models ... thereby creating more motivation for disadvantaged communes to develop.
Proposing to the leader of the Central Delegation of Vietnam Farmers’ Union, Mr. Nguyen Cao Cuong - Deputy Secretary of district Party Committee, Chairman of Meo Vac district People's Committee suggested members of the Delegation to study and comment on the proposal 13-DA/HU, dated August 2, 2019 on improving the organization of funerals for ghosts in the Mong ethnic minority area in Meo Vac district in the period of 2019 - 2022 and the following years; give comments on issues that need to be organized and implemented in the next time during the implementation of the Project, and at the same time arrange time to exchange and talk with the village elders, village chiefs of Mong ethnic minorities in the district.
At the meeting, leaders of Meo Vac district also proposed the Central Vietnam Farmers’ Union to facilitate for some economic models for district farmers' Union to improve mixed gardens; link with businesses, organizations and individuals to connect with the district farmers in the process of producing and marketing products, etc.

Tran Quang - Translated by Anh Duc
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