VNFU Chairman cross the mountain to visit a village with year-round burning stoves in Yen Bai province
14:39 - 13/04/2021
In order to access to Hang A village, Ho Bon commune, Mu Cang Chai district (Yen Bai province), members of the delegation of Vietnam Farmers Union had to travel by motorbike to pass more than 7km of dirt road with rocky and dangerous steep.

On April 9, the delegation of Vietnam Farmers’ Union led by Comrade Thao Xuan Sung - Secretary of the Party designated representation, Chairman of the Central Committee of Vietnam Farmers’ Union (VNFU) visited, encouraged and surveyed the production and daily life of people in Hang A village (Ho Bon commune) where is in extreme plight in the highland district of Mu Cang Chai (Yen Bai province).


The delegation witnessed the process of agricultural hand tool forging at the family of Mr. Giang A Da in Hang A village, Ho Bon commune, Mu Cang Chai district

The village has more than 100 households where 100% of the Mong people are living. Currently, Hang A has no electricity grid, no concrete roads, making the living and production of people here extremely difficult.

"The households in Hang A village still mainly cultivate rice and grow maize and vegetables on terraced fields. In which year the weather supports people could grow 2 crops, in drought year that due to lack of water, the people can only transplant one crop. Life becomes very difficult", said Mr. Giang A Tua - Chairman of Ho Bon commune Farmers’ Union.

Mr. Tua said that, in addition to working in the fields, raising buffaloes, cows, pigs and chickens, some Mong households in the village still preserve and develop traditional farm tool forging.

"At this time, there is still a cooperative group of producing agricultural hand tools such as knives, sickles, hoes in Hang A... However, because there is no power grid, most people still do it by hand, so they do very hard work ", Mr. Tua asserted.
Mr. Giang A Da's family (63 years old) in Hang A has maintained agricultural tool forging by many generations, but up to his life, all jobs have not changed much. Every day, Mr. Da with his two sons start the manual air blower to heat the coal for burning iron and using a sledgehammer to forge agricultural tools. On a peak day, his cooperative group members can make one knife. Due to the difficult transportation, especially on the rainy day, no one comes to buy, his wife and children have to tramp to the commune market to sell their goods.
"We love the job very much and want to preserve and maintain, develop the traditional profession of our forefathers, but without electricity and road, we helplessly compete with other localities. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak", Mr. Da said sadly.
Being informed of those difficulties, the VNFU Chairman asked Yen Bai Farmers' Union to quickly step in to support and orient to help the people of Hang A village to soon overcome every challenge.
"Beside those disadvantages, Hang A also has many advantages in terms of climate and land... that we can exploit effectively", Comrade Thao Xuan Sung affirmed and suggested at all levels of Mu Cang Chai District Farmers’ Union and Yen Bai Farmers’ Union need to soon formulate a project and proceed to establish the farmers’ professional branch of Farmers’ Union and cooperatives so that they can benefit from the Supporting Fund For Farmers to help people associate the commodity production more effectively.
 "In the immediate future, we should establish 3 farmers’ professional branches of Farmers’ Union, including the high-grade vegetable and flower branch; the agricultural farm tool branch and the branch of raising indigenous pigs and chickens ... Along with production, people must be oriented by the local authorities and the Farmers' Union at all levels to develop good and high quality products to serve tourists" said the VNFU leader.
In order for people to have more motivation to get rich, the head of the VNFU delegation offer suggestions that: In addition to prioritizing investment in electricity and transportation for Hang A village, the authorities in Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai province need to study further and organize contests for good skills and award worthy prizes to the winners. Thereby, it will create motivation for local people to emulate production and get rich.
The VNFU Chairman emphasized that the Farmers’ Union is always willing to "pour" capital from the Supporting Fund For Farmers and send officials and experts to work with the locality to implement projects so as to help people in difficult villages and hamlets rise from poverty and become rich.


The Chairman of Vietnam Farmers Union informed that in the recent meeting, VNFU has proposed to the Ministry of Defense to order traditional forging villages and hamlets in the Northwest region to make high-quality knives to provide border officers and soldiers, forest rangers both for their forest duties and for effective daily life.


Translated by Ngoc Anh
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