Lai Chau: Chairman of Vietnam Farmers’ Union visits the "golden stream" village, where builds tree houses as homestay at the top of Son Bac May moutain
11:30 - 23/04/2021
On April 22, the delegation of Vietnam Farmers’ Union led by Comrade Thao Xuan Sung - Secretary of the Party designated representation, Chairman of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union visited Sin Suoi Ho tourist village (in Mong language, it means "golden spring"), Sin Suoi Ho commune, Phong Tho district (Lai Chau province).

The VNFU delegation enjoyed special music performance and traditional musical instruments at Sin Suoi Ho village

Located at the foot of Son Bac May mountain, Sin Suoi Ho used to be known as a "village of addicts" (the village has many opium addicts) in Phong Tho district (Lai Chau province) but so far, this place has become "5 no" village. (no drug, no tobacco, no alcohol, no gambling, no littering).

Talking with members of the delegation, Mr. Vang A Chinh, the chief of Sin Suoi Ho village, said that after decades of solidarity and together overcoming difficulties, up to now, officials and people of Sin Suoi Ho village have escaped from poverty and the "brown fairy" (drugs).

Sin Suoi Ho village currently has 136 households (100% of the Mong ethnic people), up to 20% of households have income from 100 million dongs, some households reaching over 200 million dongs  to 300 million dongs per year thanks to community tourism and cultivation of cymbidium, cardamom.

Arriving at Sin Suoi Ho, members of the delegation were impressed to see firsthand wooden houses, earth-walled houses with typical architecture of the Mong ethnic people. The unique highlight of these houses is a handmade stone fence surrounding the house, only half body high.

This structure both creates a solid house, make it cool down in the summer and warm in the winter. Up to now, in Sin Suoi Ho village, there are still dozens of traditional earth-walled houses, creating a charming landscape while increasing the attraction for visitors.

As the pioneer in bringing the community-based tourism model to Sin Suoi Ho since 2015, up to now, Mr. Vang A Chinh has had a high income of hundreds of million dong in a year. In addition to enriching himself, he also mobilized 13 other households in the village to build, renovate houses and restore the cultural beauty of the Mong people to do homestay tourism.

"Before the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, Sin Suoi Ho welcomed tens of thousands of domestic and foreign tourists each year. Along with growing and trading Cymbidium, many households had high incomes from 50 million dongs to hundreds of million dongs", said the chief of Sin Suoi Ho village.

Sharing the happiness with people in Sin Suoi Ho village, Comrade Thao Xuan Sung affirmed that: Sin Suoi Ho officials and people have made a proudly miracle. We are delighted by the achievements that people have made in life and in making wealth.

With the "gold mine" of natural resources, a rich indigenous cultural resource, industrious and creative local people, Chairman of Vietnam Farmers’ Union believes that Sin Suoi Ho will soon become a model of community tourism village, attracting more and more domestic and foreign tourists to enjoy the local culture and cuisine. Thereby it helps to increase incomes of people in the village.

Tran Quang - Translated by Ngoc Anh
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