Da Nang: Focusing resources, caring for farmer members’ lives
09:56 - 25/05/2021
Facing the new complicated development of COVID-19 pandemic, continuing to thoroughly grasp the guiding spirit of the Secretariat​, Prime Minister, National Steering Committee and Da Nang city, all levels of Da Nang Farmers’ Union have effectively implemented prevention measures.
Stick to local area, propagate epidemic prevention
Mr. Nguyen Kim Dung – Vice Chairman of Da Nang Farmers’ Union said that all the levels of the Union has developed plan, organized propaganda about COVID-19 prevention and control to officials, members and farmers throughout the city; closely coordinate with functional sectors and medical facilities to implement activities ensure health and effectively implement epidemic prevention and control measures.
Since the Covid-19 pandemic broke out again, from the beginning of 2021 until now, the Union at all levels has issued more than 100 documents directing propaganda to prevent and control the Covid-19 pandemic; distributed over 30,000 leaflets, over 10.000 free masks, 5.000 free sanitizer bottles to members and farmers. Through activities of branches and groups posted on the Union's website, Zalo group, Facebook, officials and members are informed about the epidemic situation in a timely and accurate manner, and effective epidemic prevention and control measures.
Farmers in Son Tra district give gifts to disadvantaged households in the isolation area. Photo: Dang Binh
In order to ensure safety and efficiency, Thanh Khe district Farmers' Union actively equips with hand sanitizer, masks, and periodically disinfects the office; requests staffs and members to strictly follow the "5K" recommendation of the Ministry of Health. Mr. Dam Van Hung – Chairman of Thank Khe district Farmers’ Union said: Following the direction of the Party Committee and the superior, the district Farmers’ Union has actively coordinated to review the population situation in detail, made statistics, made lists, updated regularly, continuously, and promptly report to functional agencies and local authorities about relatives of officials, members, farmers who are living, working, studying, using medical treatment service in the locality. Strengthening epidemic prevention propaganda in many forms such as social networking groups Zalo, Facebook ...
All the level of Da Nang Farmers’ Union strengthen the review and information on relatives of officials, members and farmers, promptly detect suspected cases and notify authorities or medical facilities to organize isolation and management; focus on mobilizing and guiding members and farmers to make electronic health declarations; seriously implement the "5K" recommendation of the Ministry of Health, recommending staff and members not to go to epidemic areas; install and use Bluzone on mobile phones; participate in monitoring epidemic prevention in the community, denouncing cases of non-compliance with regulations on epidemic prevention and control.

Consume agricultural products, ensure members’ lives
In parallel with the implementation of epidemic prevention measures, from the beginning of May 2021 to now, many support activities have been implemented by all levels of Farmers’ Union to ensure members’ lives during the epidemic situation. Typical examples are: Consumption of nearly 3 tons of green peppers, squash, etc. for farmers in Bo Ban village, Hoa Phong commune, Hoa Vang district; Son Tra district Farmers’ Union mobilized sponsors and business farmers at all levels to support over 100 gifts, equivalent to nearly 50 million VND for the staffs involving in epidemic prevention and control and difficult member households affected by the epidemic.
Mr. Nguyen Kim Dung – Vice Chairman of City Farmers’ Union added: With the spirit “Fighting the epidemic is like fighting the enemy”, implementing the guiding documents of the Central Committee and the city, the Standing Board of City Farmers’ Union has directed the union at all levels to stop organizing activities with large gatherings of people, unnecessary conferences.
Along with promoting propaganda and advocacy work, the Union actively calls for and mobilizes resources to support and care for the life of member households facing difficulties due to the epidemic. The practical activities of the Union at all levels have spread to each official, member, farmer and the community, contributing to ensuring security and safety for the election of deputies to the 15th National Assembly and all-level People’s Councils for the 2021-2026 tenure.
Dang Binh - Translated by Ha Thu
Nguồn: danviet.vn
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