Farmers in Hanoi capital contribute hundreds of billions VND to build new countryside
23:57 - 26/05/2021
In the past 10 years, Hanoi city Farmers’ Union (FU) at all levels has mobilized farmers to donate 415,700m2 of land, contributed more than 5.6 million working days to support nearly VND 206 billion to build infrastructure for production. 

Implementing Conclusion No. 61-KL/TW dated December 03, 2009 of the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee, Hanoi city FU at all levels has highlighted its roles, responsibilities and active participation in the Projects, plans, realize the goals of agricultural development and new rural construction in the period of 2010-2020. 

Every year, Hanoi city pays its attention to allocating investment funds for agricultural and rural development with higher number in the later years. Besides, the fund for Supporting Fund for Farmers is supplemented, enabling FUs at all levels to implement development projects. 

In order to support farmers to use loans effectively, FUs at all levels in the city have actively developed plans, directly organized and coordinated to organized 28,215 training courses on applying science and technology into production for more than 3.3 million turns of farmer members in the past 10 years. Besides, the city FU has focused on mobilizing and organizing training courses, workshops on market economic information, skills of developing collective economic models for farmer members. To present, FUs at all levels have coordinated to guide the construction of 174 cooperatives, 1,349 cooperative groups and established 538 collective economic models with good performance. 
In the New Rural Construction Program, FUs at all levels in the city have mobilized the farmers to donate 415,700m2 of land, contributed more than 5.6 million working days, repaired nearly 5,850 km of roads, dredged and solidifying 8,666km of canals for the production, gave 206 billion VND to build rural infrastructure for production. 

The assessment of 10 years of Conclusion 61 implementation shows that Hanoi’s agriculture has had a strong transformation. In particular, the lives of farmers have been gradually improved, the average income is about 55 million VND per year, the rate of poor households decreases to about 0.7%. 

In order to effectively implement the development goals of Tam Nong (agriculture, farmers and rural areas) in the period of 2021 - 2025, Mrs. Pham Hai Hoa, Chairwoman of Hanoi city FU suggested that in the process of policy formulation, Hanoi city People’s Council and People’s Committee continue to concern and enable FUs at all levels to directly participate in relevant works and consider supplementing the fund for the Supporting Fund for Farmers to help FUs to have more resources to build and replicate models of hunger eradication, poverty reduction and economic development. 

Thu Ha - Translated by Huong Lan
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