Bac Ninh: Establishing professional branches and groups to create production linkage
10:00 - 13/05/2021
In recent years, the Standing Committee of the Provincial Farmers’ Union has determined to build professional branches and groups in order to diversify the organizational model of farmers’ union at grassroots level towards practicality and efficiency. On that basis, creating favorable factors for the establishment of cooperative groups and cooperatives, contributing to promoting linkages and developing commodity production.
Green Asparagus professional branch established and managed directly by Bac Ninh Farmers’ Union

Vice Chairman of the Provincial Farmers’ Union Nguyen Dang Khang said: In order to implement Resolution 04 of the Executive Board of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union on promoting the building of professional branches and groups, the Standing Board of Provincial Farmers’ Union has issued a Resolution on the establishment of farmers’ professional branches and groups; guided all the levels of the Union through establishment sequence, rules and regulations of operation; promoted propaganda about the purpose and meaning of establishing farmers’ professional branches, groups and the benefits of participating farmer members.
Currently, the province has established 18 professional branches and 223 professional groups. In which, most of them are the branches and groups of the Aquaculture; VAC; growing safe vegetables; art furniture; civil carpentry; making vermicelli, traditional cakes... The professional branches and groups are established under the decision of the Executive Committee of Commune Farmers’ Union. Each branch, group has 5 – 30 members residing in the area.

The Standing Committee of the Provincial Farmers’ Union has directly established the Bac Ninh Green Asparagus professional branch (under the management of the Standing Board of the Provincial Farmers’ Union) consisting of 32 farmer members who are directly producing, trading green asparagus and products processed from green asparagus in the whole province.
Mr. Vu Huy Tuan (Minh Tan commune, Luong Tai district) – the president of the Green Asparagus Professional Branch in Bac Ninh province, excitedly said: The branch is a useful place for households to have more opportunities to communicate, exchange experiences in production, from seeding to harvesting. Through the professional branch's activities, it also creates conditions for farmer households to support each other in promoting and consuming products, finding stable outputs for green asparagus as well as products processed from green asparagus.

In fact, farmers’ union branch can establish many professional groups, or a professional group can have members participating many farmers’ union branches in the same commune, ward or town. Through the initial assessment of the Provincial Farmers’ Union, professional branches and groups were established according to the criteria of "5 together". After the establishment, professional branches and groups were facilitated to borrow capital from the Supporting Fund For Farmers to help promote the strengths of the locality.

In the coming time, the Provincial Farmers’ Union will continue to direct grassroot levels to promote propaganda, advocacy and guide the establishment of more farmers’ professional branches and groups in accordance with practical conditions in each locality and farmer members’ needs. The Provincial Farmers’ Union will also regularly check, evaluate the activities of the established professional branches and groups; create favorable conditions for branches and groups to borrow capital from the Supporting Fund for Farmers, train on science and technology transfer, and promote linkage for product consumption...
Nguyen Thu - Translated by Ha Thu
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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