Implementing linkage in tea cultivation through professional branches and groups, Thai Nguyen farmers are assured of product consumption
16:12 - 30/06/2021
In recent years, many farmers’ unions in Thai Nguyen province have established professional branches and groups to link farmers with the same production field
VietGAP tea growing model by farmer members in Song Cau town, Dong Hy district (Thai Nguyen). Photo: Duc Thinh

In previous years, tea-growing households in Ban Ngoai commune (Dai Tu) only produced individually and in a fragmented manner, resulting in low economic efficiency. Facing this situation, in 2016, Thai Nguyen Farmers’ Union mobilized households to establish the VietGAP tea production professional branch in Dong Ngo village, Ban Ngoai commune.

After the establishment of the branch, Farmers’ Union implemented practical support solutions, such as: Lending 1 billion VND from the Farmers Supporting Fund to improve the tea area; financial support for the installation of automatic watering systems; creating training courses on planting, caring for safe tea…

Mr. Luong Van Tinh – Director of Tea production professional branch in Dong Ngo village shared: Joining the branch, we often exchange experiences, cooperate and help each other in product consumption. In the previous time, the average yield of fresh bud tea of members was only 80-85 tons/ha/year. Now it has increased to 95-100 tons/ha/year. Product value and income of households also increased, living standards improved significantly.

There have been 12 households in the Dong Ngo village tea production branch rising out of poverty since 2016. Currently, the entire tea area of the branch is cultivated according to VietGAP standards. 

Similar to Ban Ngoai commune (Dai Tu district), the model of VietGAP tea growing professional group in Song Cau town, Dong Hy district has helped farmer members build and strongly develop VietGAP Thai Nguyen tea brand, which helps people increase their income.

Up to now, 9/9 districts, towns and cities in the province have built 47 models of professional branches and groups that operate effectively with nearly 900 members participating in the fields of cultivation, animal husbandry, and services…

Leaders of Thai Nguyen Farmers’ Union assessed: The establishment of professional branches and groups under Project 24 not only affirms the dynamism and creativity of farmers in the integration period but also creates a premise for establishing cooperatives, contribute to the renewal, development and improvement of collective economic efficiency.

In the coming time, Thai Nguyen Farmers’ Union will continue to survey and grasp the situation of production, business and services, and the participation needs of local farmer members, thereby selecting local fields to establish and replicate this model.

Duc Thinh - Translated by Ha Thu
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