Quang Tri province: Supporting farmers, members for their economy development
17:27 - 07/06/2021
In the past years, thanks to the attention and direction of the Party committees, authorities and the Farmers’ Union (FU) at higher levels, the active cooperation of mass organizations and the determination of farmers, members, there have been a lot of positive results in the FU activities and farmers' movements in Thuan commune, Huong Hoa district. As a result, the life and economy of farmers have markedly changed.

Banana garden brings high income for farmers, members in Thuan commune

Every year, the FU focuses on disseminating and mobilizing its farmers, members to well implement the guidelines and policies of the Party, the State's and the local socio-economic development programs. In addition, the FU has actively directed and guided its farmers, members to promote economic development and improve their living standards.  

With the motto of advocacy and support, the commune FU has helped its farmers, members to innovate in their ways of thinking and doing, promoting initiative and creativity in the production and building many effective farm economy development models. The whole commune currently has 438 farmers, members, in which, 64 households win the title of good production at all levels (02 households reached the provincial level, 12 households reached the district level and 50 households reached the commune level).

Thanks to the active application of new science and technology in animal husbandry and cultivation, farmers have boldly renovated mixed gardens, used fruit varieties which are suitable to the soil and natural conditions such as longan, lychee, mango, rambutan, guava, jackfruit, dragon fruit... for high income.

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thuong's household in Thuan Hoa FU Branch, for example, has an average income of 250-300 million VND/year; a general economic model of Mr. Ho Pa Luoi and Mr. Ho Co  in Hoi Up Ly FU branch or Mr. Ho Van An in Hoi Thuan 3 FU Branch reaches 180 million - 200 million VND/year; households of Mr. Nguyen Van Lien and Mr. Nguyen Cu in Thuan 4 branch and many other households also have high incomes for the type of general business services, transportation services combined with agricultural product purchasing.

The whole commune presently has 88 farmer households engaged in non-agricultural services, mainly serving farmers in tillage, motorbike repair, electronic services, garment, broom weaving and 15 households specializing in agricultural procurement. The rate of poor households in the commune decreased from 165/734 households (in 2019), accounting for 22.48% to 149/737 households (in 2021), accounting for 20.22%.

Regarding the participation in the construction of new rural areas, farmers, members have actively donated land and working days to build social welfare works in the area. Many examples are: Member Ho Pa Hien donated 500 m2 of land to build a kindergarten; Mrs. Ho Thi Ruong donated 620 m2 to build village community houses, etc. In addition, many other households donated land and hundreds of labor days to build inter-village and inter-communal roads, facilities and other infrastructure, contributing to creating the face of rural areas in the villages and hamlets in the commune, improved and safe lives of farmers, maintained political security, social order and safety. 

Ho Eng's household in Hoi Thuan 3 FU Branch is an example of moving out of poverty in the commune. He shared that his family had been a poor household in the commune for many years. Since 2019, he had been determined to actively develop the economy to get out of poverty sustainably and take care of his children. Currently, his family's annual income was from 100-120 million VND from 03 hectares of cassava cultivation, 1.5 hectares of banana cultivation and cattle raising.

Mr. Nguyen Duong Tai, Chairman of Thuan commune FU affirmed that over the past time, although the life and economy of farmers, members in the area had been affected by natural disasters and the Covid-19 pandemic, the FU had followed direction of superiors and accompanied the farmers to overcome difficulties and stabilize their lives. The commune FU strengthened the coordination with related sectors to organize vocational training for farmers, members, training on scientific and technical transfer of animal husbandry, cultivation and introduction high-quality and effective plant varieties into agricultural production; expanded service businesses, linkages and cooperation in the production to connect the agricultural product consumption market and farmers, especially for key products such as cassava and bananas. Since then, the FU had gathered and attracted farmers, members to join the FU, contributing to building a stronger FU.
Ngoc Nhan - Translated by Huong Lan
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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