Supporting farmers to establish nearly 1.000 argicultural cooperatives
16:54 - 03/08/2021
The Central Committee of Vietnam Farmers’ Union (VNFU) has focused on directing, considering it as a key task at all levels. All levels of VNFU have actively participated in with specific practical activities.
VNFU Vice Chairwoman Bui Thi Thom visited Center for Clean Agriculture Introduction in Nam Dinh. Photo: Thu Nga

Speaking at the 3rd online conference of the Executive Committee of Vietnam Cooperative Alliance held on July 30 in Hanoi, Mrs. Bui Thi Thom - Vice Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of VNFU said: “We clearly determine that farmers' income is only increased when farmers take part in collective groups, cooperatives, or in other words, join production linkage to product goods on a large scale. Therefore, the Central Committee of VNFU has focused on directing, considering it as a key task at all levels. All levels of VNFU have actively participated in with specific practical activities.”

Accordingly, VNFU has included the target of developing collective economics in the congress resolution and the annual emulation norm for voting and grading. The Executive Committee of VNFU has issued Resolution No. 10 on the participation of VNFU in developing collective economics in agriculture and rural areas for the period 2020-2025. In addition, VNFU has focused on propagating, guiding and supporting farmers in building and replicating collective economic models, contributing to helping farmers' members escape poverty, get rich, and actively contribute to the economic social development.

Vice Chairwoman Bui Thi Thom said that in the first 6 months of 2021, despite many difficulties and challenges, Farmers' Unions at all levels guided farmers through procedures to establish 128 cooperatives and 1,136 collective groups. Up to now, VNFU has established nearly 1,000 cooperatives and over 20,000 groups of cooperatives that operate effectively.

Sharing about the experience of effectively developing collective economic models, the Vice Chairwoman said: "VNFU has linked the establishment of professional branches and groups with the development of cooperatives and collective groups. In addition, FU at all levels associate the implementation of VNFU Supporting Fund’s loan projects with the development of collective economic models. The condition to receive interest-supporting loans from VNFU Supporting Fund is that farmer members must associate with each other to establish cooperatives, collective groups and professional groups. This condition has helped farmers to share, exchange experiences and find production consumption market”.

Vice Chairwoman Bui Thi Thom also proposed 4 solutions for collective economic development in the current context. In which, it is necessary to pay attention and promptly grasp the difficulties and obstacles of farmers, especially in the context of the current outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic; simultaneously promote guiding cooperatives and collective groups through the way to consume agricultural products on e-commerce platforms. In order to continue to develop the collective economy, cooperatives need to promote propaganda and raise awareness, especially propaganda and replication by specific models. In addition, it is necessary to enhance the role of party committees, authorities, ministries, sectors and organizations to expand and improve the collaborative program of building collective economic models.

Duc Thinh - Translated by Ha Thu
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