Mr. Dinh Khac Dinh - Vice Chairman of Vietnam Farmers' Union: It is necessary to replicate excellent farmer examples
11:15 - 15/10/2021
On October 13, Hoa Binh Provincial Farmers’ Union held a conference to honor excellent farmers in the province in 2021. Mr. Dinh Khac Dinh – Vice Chairman of Vietnam Farmers' Union (VNFU) Central Committee attended and chaired the conference.

Speaking at the conference, VNFU Vice Chairman Dinh Khac Dinh recognized, praised and highly appreciated the achievements that officials and farmers in Hoa Binh province have achieved in recent years.

Vice Chairman Dinh Khac Dinh emphasized: The movement “Farmers’ emulation in good production and business, solidarity to help each other make wealth and achieve sustainable poverty reduction" is the focus of emulation movements of VNFU at all levels in the whole country. In the coming time, Hoa Binh provincial FU at all levels should continue to affirm the role and stature of FU as the center and core for the farmer movements as well as the construction of new-style rural areas in the locality. 

Mr. Dinh Khac Dinh – Vice Chairman of VNFU Central Committee awarded memorial medal to individuals with outstanding achievements in the Union’s work and the peasant movement. Photo: Đ.T

“Hoa Binh Provincial Farmers’ Union should actively renew the contents and forms of organization of patriotic emulation movements; increase farmers’ sense of responsibility towards environmental protection and production of clean safe argricultural products; develop large-scale production, strengthen the application of science and high technology in production and business. Besides, FU at all levels should promptly discover, build, replicate typical examples of “good people doing good deeds”, timely reward, creating a strong spillover effect”- emphasized Vice Chairman Dinh Khac Dinh.

Reporting the result of Union’s work and peasant movements, Mr. Le Van Thach – Chairman of Hoa Binh Provincial Farmers’ Union said: Under the leadership, direction and facilitation of VNFU Central Committee, the provincial Party Committee, the provincial People’s Committee, the provincial FU at all levels had well organized the movement “ Farmers emulate good production and business, unite to help each other get rich and reduce poverty sustainably”, which actively contributes to agricultural development and new rural area construction and improves farmers’ lives.

On average, more than 72.000 households register to emulate good production and business each year. Annually, more than 35.000 households win titles from central level to grassroots level. Many farmer households have boldly invested in factories, barns, agricultural machines for production. There are more and more good farmers in production and business, thousands of households with incomes from 300 to 500 million dong per year; the number of households reaching 500 million to 1 billion dong per year is increasing.

From the movement, many new advanced models and branded products have appeared. Currently, the district FUs have registered 8 collective brands. Many farmers become business owners, owners of production, commercial and service establishments, high income households, attracting many regular workers. Along with their efforts to emulate good production and business, they have promoted the spirit of solidatary to help many other farmer households get out of poverty and get rich legitimately.

In the first 9 months of 2021, there are 71.000 farmer members registered for the title of good production and business household at all levels. The work of trusting, supporting farmers in term of capital, science and technology, seeds, agricultural materials is focused by FU at all levels in order to creat favorable conditions for farmers to develop production, business and service.

The effectiveness of FU emulation movements has attracted a large number of farmers to join FU. Up to now, the province has more than 131.000 farmers participating in the FU, accounting for over 86% of the total agricultural households, creating synergy that makes an important contribution to economic and social development, maintaining security and defense in the province in the renovation period.
The conference praised and awarded the title “Excellent farmer in Hoa Binh province in 2021” to 35 farmers from 11 districts and city; awarded the certificate of merit from the provincial People’s Committeee to 23 individuals with outstanding achievement in the emulation movement of “Good farmers in production and business” in the period of 2019-2020; awarded the Memorial medal for the Vietnamese peasantry class to individuals; proposed the Prime Minister to award certificate of merit to 2 farmer members who have achievement in the movement. They are the members and individuals with the most typical achievements in implementing the emulation movements of FU, typical examples representing tens of thousands of farmers in the province who have made efforts to overcome difficulties and enthusiastically work, produce and live responsibly with community, actively contribute to new rural area construction.

Duc Thinh - Translated by Ha Thu
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