Collaborate, deliberate solutions to digitalization of agriculture for farmers
15:10 - 22/10/2021
(VNFU Portal) – That is one of the important topics exchanged between Mr. Nguyen Xuan Dinh - Vice Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of Vietnam Farmers' Union (VNFU) and Mr. Nguyen Kien Cuong – Deputy General Director of Vietnam Post at a working session this morning (October 22), in Hanoi.

VNFU’s Vice Chairman Nguyen Xuan Dinh discussed with Deputy General Director of Vietnam Post Nguyen Kien Cuong

At the meeting, VNFU’s Vice Chairman Nguyen Xuan Dinh introduced to the delegation of Vietnam Post about the organizational structure, functions, tasks and outstanding activities of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union.

Vice Chairman Nguyen Xuan Dinh said: With a complete organizational system at all 4 levels, over the years, Vietnam Farmers' Union has focused on promoting service activities to support farmers, bringing many practical effects. Notably, Vietnam Farmers' Union currently has 52 Supporting Centers for  Farmer and Rural areas in the provinces and cities. Through these Centers, FU at all levels have been implementing various and flexible activities to support members and farmers in production such as: Supply of input materials (fertilizers, seedlings, seedlings, etc.) agricultural machinery…); Output support (connecting to consume agricultural products of members, farmers)…

In the past time, under the complicated situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, in order to address difficulties for members and farmers throughout the country, the provincial and city Farmers’ Unions have promoted the coordination with functional departments in localities to well organize connection activities, consume agricultural products and achieve many results. Accordingly, the Farmers’ Unions at all levels have focused on directing the development of connection points for the consumption of agricultural products in order to bring into full play the functions of the existing Supporting Centers in the provincial and city Farmers’ Unions.

In addition, FU at all levels have actively implemented to support loans for members and farmers to invest in production and business development. Up to now, FU at all levels are managing the total capital of the Support Fund for Farmers reaching nearly VND 4,000 billion; at the same time, strengthened coordination with banks (Vietnam Bank for Social Policies, Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, etc.) to carry out loan entrustment.

“Currently, all levels of the FU have been also focusing on building sustainable agricultural development models. With nearly 3.5 million productive farmers at all levels of the Farmers’ Unions, they are the cadre in building a growing movement in the localities "- Vice Chairman Nguyen Xuan Dinh affirmed.

At the meeting, Deputy General Director of Vietnam Post Nguyen Kien Cuong shared: Implementing Decision 1034/QD-BTTTT of the Ministry of Information and Communications approving the plan to support agricultural production households to list on the e-commerce platform, promoting the digital economy of agriculture and rural areas. Recently, the Vietnam Post has synchronously implemented many solutions to create a digital environment for farmers.

Especially, in the context of the current Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam Post has supported farmers to access and catch up with a new business method – by the e-commerce platform The promotion of the connection of agricultural product consumption through e-commerce platforms is an important solution to promote rural economic development, helping agricultural production households, individual business households, and cooperatives. ... in promoting, introducing, consuming products, expanding markets. 

 According to Mr. Nguyen Kien Cuong, through the e-commerce platform, farmers, whether in rural or mountainous areas, can take the initiative in terms of output for their agricultural products, especially in the digital environment without depending on traders or intermediaries. In fact, farmers only need to have a smartphone connected to the Internet so that at any place or at any time they can sell goods or transact with customers quickly, conviniently.

Along with well exploiting the domestic consumption market, Vietnam Post Corporation has also been experimenting with participating in connecting agricultural product exports to some international markets. In the immediate future, it will be targeted to the Vietnamese community living and studying abroad.

"Vietnam Post is having advantages such as: Good digital infrastructure platform; world class warehouses... We are willing for a sustainable cooperation with the Vietnamese Farmers’ Union in building digital indicator maps for agricultural products; deploying the supply chain of safe agricultural products; providing farmers supporting services in digital transformation, listing agricultural products on the e-commerce platform... "- Mr. Nguyen Kien Cuong said.

Highly appreciating the activities and advantages of Vietnam Post Corporation, Vice President Nguyen Xuan Dinh emphasized: The support by digital technology for farmers to consume agricultural products through e-commerce platforms will reduce many intermediaries, increase the value of Vietnamese agricultural products. A good database system managed by Vietnam Post is a very favorable condition for the two organizations to connect and cooperate in order to create diverse and flexible consumption methods, organize the monitoring of the quality of regional agricultural products through the model of professional branches and groups of the Union; at the same time, support to improve the capacity of digital application for officials, members, farmers.... 

The Central Committee of the Vietnam Farmers’ Union assigned the Supporting Center for Farmers and Rural Areas to act as the focal point for exchange and close cooperation with the Vietnam Post. In near future, the two sides will discuss specific contents to build a cooperation program. Based on the cooperation program, the two organizations will concretize into detailed work plan, then deploy to the grassroot levels. In the short term, a number of effective models will be piloted and then continued to be replicated.

Decision 1034/QD-BTTTT of the Ministry of Information and Communications with the goal of supporting agricultural production households to list on e-commerce platforms to connect, promote, introduce products, add new distribution channels, expand domestic and international markets; towards promoting the consumption of agricultural products on e-commerce platforms through postal businesses.
The plan is expected to work with specialized ministries through e-commerce platforms and digital platforms to provide useful information for agricultural production households such as: Agricultural product markets; forecast of demand and production capacity of agricultural products; weather, crops, varieties, fertilizers... then promote the development of the agricultural and rural digital economy.

Thu Thanh (translated by Ngoc Anh)
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