VNFU Chairman: Enterprises take a leadership role in leading farmers to standard-based production
11:10 - 07/01/2022
On the morning of January 5, Member of the Party Central Committee, VNFU Chairman Luong Quoc Doan had a meeting with representatives of Hung Nhon Group (Ho Chi Minh city), De Heus Group (Netherlands). These are two large enterprises that are having many livestock projects, implementing the chain link model with the participation of farmer households.

VNFU Chairman: Enterprises take a leadership role in leading farmers to standard-based production
At the meeting, Mr. Vu Manh Hung - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hung Nhon Group said that Hung Nhon and De Heus Group are together focusing on investing in a series of large livestock projects in the Central Highlands and Southeast region. Typically, in 2020, two Groups have started building a high-tech agricultural zone complex in Dak Lak with a total investment capital of 1.500 billion VND in the 2020-2025 period.
Currently, this project has been put into operation, with the scale of raising 2.500 grandparent and great-grandchildren pigs - the largest scale in the Central Highlands today.

"As soon as the cooperation agreement was signed, the two groups focused on investing in chain links and accompanying farmers. After the project in Dak Lak, in 2020, we inaugurate the Bel Ga Tay Ninh poultry incubation factory. At the beginning of May 2022, the project of Hi-tech Agricultural Park in Gia Lai will officially start, in order to provide quality pig breeds for farmers in Gia Lai as well as in the Central Highlands. This is a key project of the two groups in 2022," said Mr. Hung.
According to Mr. Hung, livestock projects are currently creating jobs for 200-300 workers, many of them are ethnic minorities.

Member of the Party Central Committee, VNFU Chairman Luong Quoc Doan highly appreciated the implementing projects of two groups, contributing to the development of the livestock industry in general and the agricultural sector in particular, especially projects that will help local farmers with benefits and jobs.

At the meeting, Mr. Doan said that over the past time, VNFU and the agricultural enterprises have a connection, although it is still fragmented, it has initially connected with many farmer households. Signing business agreements with enterprises, farmers are transferred technical advances, standard-based production, from which farmers can improve their production and farm management skills.

“In this chain, enterprises must definitely take the leadership role, leading farmers to standard-based production and consuming the output. With its resources and functions, VNFU acts as an intermediary, connecting farmers with businesses, and proposes policies and guidelines to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Government to create favorable conditions for farmers, promoting chain links," said Mr. Doan.

According to VNFU Chairman, in 2022, VNFU coordinates with Vietnam Post to bring agricultural products to e-commerce platforms. In the immediate future, we will coordinate with businesses to implement digitization models in 3 provinces. VNFU staffs, together with the local people, will participate, work and learn to draw out the most effective way to do it, then multiply the model.

Chairman Luong Quoc Doan said that over the past time, the phrases of chain linkage, digital agriculture and digital farmers have been talked about a lot, but specifically the questions of how to be effective and how to sell agricultural products at high prices has not been answered clearly. 
"Recently, VNFU and Google conducted a survey on agricultural digital transformation. When we worked with farmers, they realized many things. Many farmers themselves are using smartphones but can only listen, call, and use online society without knowing how to turn it into a tool for production," said Mr. Doan.

Therefore, VNFU Chairman proposed that Rural Today Newspaper / Dan Viet organize a forum on the topic in order to analyze the difficulties and advantages when applying digital transformation in agriculture. In the forum, we hope that businesses share their experience in breeding chain, apply high technology, and have specific "orders" with farmers, etc.
Hue Ngoc - Translated by Ha Thu
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