Dien Ban town Farmers’ Union (Quang Nam): “Border Spring 2022” program
16:28 - 22/02/2022
Dien Ban town FU has organized the program "Border Spring 2022" to poor farmers in Dac Pre border commune, Nam Giang district.
“Border Spring 2022” program

Accordingly, the town FU gave fruit tree varieties to 15 disadvantaged households in the commune, each household received 15 seedlings, partly help people improve their lives (including 3 mangosteen trees, 10 avocado trees, 2 green-skinned pomelo trees). At the same time, on this occasion, 15 households receiving livelihoods were also given 15 warm blankets.

In addition, the town FU also donated 260 warm clothes to primary school students and 10 bicycles to students in primary and secondary schools in Dak Pring and Dac Pre communes (Nam Giang district). Although the gifts are not large, they are filled with love, with the hope that they will promptly encourage students with difficult circumstances to strive in their studies.

Estimatly, the total value of the program is nearly 100 million VND, from the source of socialization and the nun Thich Nu Hanh Ly - Deputy Executive Board of the Buddhist Church in Dien Ban town.

Chairman of the town FU Dang Huu Tu said: This is a practical activity to continue to strengthen the relationship between officials, members, farmers in Dien Ban town and officials, members and farmers in Nam Giang district. At the same time, the program promoted the spirit of "mutual love and affection" to share difficulties with members, farmers, local people, students in difficult circumstances in the border communes of Dak Pre; especially gave necessary support to help farmer members get out of poverty.
Hong Hoa - Translated by Ha Thu
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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