Quang Binh FU: Scientific conference on agricultural economic model
21:06 - 12/03/2022
(VNFU Portal) – On the morning of March 10, the Provincial FU held a scientific conference with the topic "Research and evaluate the effectiveness of agricultural economic development models in building new countryside presently in the province." Quang Binh". This topic is chaired by the Provincial FU, the implementation period is from August 2020 to May 2022.

The topic is deployed with the aim of assessing the current status, effectiveness, sustainability and replicability of agricultural economic development models; develop orientations and propose solutions to improve the efficiency of the province's agricultural economic models in the coming years. At the seminar, the delegates gave speeches to exchange, comment and clarify the contents of the topic such as: Research objectives; Research Methods; current status of agricultural production in the province. At the same time, supplementing solutions, making specific recommendations and proposals to the Party committees, authorities, the Front and socio-political organizations in order to improve the efficiency of agricultural economic development models. , create jobs, increase income, contribute to socio-economic development, build new countryside in the province.

The results of the project will be the basis for committees, governments at all levels, businesses, investors to make decisions and directions to build development plans and expand effective models. The database of the topic will serve for farmers and businesses to consult and learn before making a decision to build production models suitable to local economic conditions, family economy as well as market demand.

Phung Xuan Tien - Translated by Thu Uyen
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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