Central Committee of Vietnam Farmer’s Union- Son La Provincial People's Committee:
Strengthen coordination, "solve the problem" of agricultural product consumption
21:00 - 30/03/2022
(VNFU Portal) – That is one of the important contents in  the discussion between Vice Chairman of Vietnam Farmers' Union (VNFU) Nguyen Xuan Dinh and the delegation of Son La province led by Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thanh Cong, which took place this morning (March 29), in Hanoi.
Attending the meeting, on the side of VNFU, there were representatives of relevant departments and units. On the side of the delegation of Son La province, there were representatives of leaders of departments and agencies of the province. Also attending the meeting, there were representatives of leaders of Vietnam Post Corporation - the unit that has just signed a cooperation agreement with VNFU on "Supporting farmers in digital transformation in production and agricultural products and goods consumption in the period of 2021-2025".
Through an open and frank exchange, the leaders of the parties shared experiences and worked towards solutions to cooperate in enhancing support for Son La farmers to connect and consume agricultural products in 2022. Accordingly, with many practical and specific solutions, suitable to actual conditions, the parties will work together towards the goal of providing flexible products and services to support farmers in the best way. 
Talking at the meeting, Vice Chairman of the VNFU Nguyen Xuan Dinh said: In recent years, FUs at all levels across the country paid attention to support members and farmers in agricultural products consumption; This is also considered as one of the key tasks and priorities for the direction and implementation of the Union. On that basis, VNFU has focused on promoting service activities to support farmers and bring practical effects.
Notably, with the focal points of 57 Farmer and Rural Support Centers under the Provincial Farmer’s Union, it is a great advantage of the VNFU in organizing and implementing effective consulting and support services for members and farmers. Through these Centers, FUs at all levels have been implementing diverse and flexible activities to support members and farmers in production such as: Supply of input materials (fertilizers, seedlings, seedlings, etc.) agricultural machinery…); Output support (connecting to consume agricultural products of members, farmers)…
In particular, FUs in different levels are currently managing 726 stores selling agricultural products throughout the country. Basically, this chain of stores has good locations, so it is very convenient for the circulation of agricultural products both input and output. Every year, through this chain of stores, FUs at all levels organize many activities to support members and farmers to consume agricultural products effectively. 
In fact, in the context of the rapid and strong outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in recent times, the output of agricultural products of farmers faces many difficulties, especially in the main harvest season. Faced with that situation, the FUs at all levels have coordinated with functional branches and local authorities at the same level to promote the connection activities in order to help members and farmers consuming thousands of tons of agricultural products through.
Accordingly, this activity has been implemented and taken place enthusiastically at all levels of FUs across the country. FUs at all levels have promoted communication on supporting the consumption of agricultural products, timely informed on prices of agricultural products and implemented registration to participate in support... Provincial FUs actively buys agricultural products for members and farmers; in which priority will be given to areas affected by Covid-19 pandemic to contribute to solving farmers' difficulties.
Vice Chairman of VNFU Nguyen Xuan Dinh also expressed his joy and acknowledged the outstanding achievements of Son La province over the past time. With a strong transformation, Son La has been rising to become a bright spot in agricultural economic development.
“Acquiring these results, first of all, it is necessary to appreciate the attention of Party committees and authorities at all levels in the province to the field of agricultural development, farmers, rural areas in general and the work of the FU in particular. Through practical activities such as: Supporting farmers' crops and livestock structure transformation; promoting economic cooperation; building product value chain; focusing on deep processing for export... has contributed to improving the quality and value of the province's agricultural products," affirmed Vice Chairman Nguyen Xuan Dinh.
At the meeting, Vice Chairman of Son La Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thanh Cong gave information on the province's socio-economic situation recently. Accordingly, the province attaches great importance to agricultural economic development. It can be said that the potential and advantages for the development of agricultural, forestry and fishery production in the province are great because the locality has many favorable conditions in terms of: Geographical location; climate and soil; large area of ​​agricultural land, suitable for cultivation and raising of many varieties of specialty plants and animals.
Currently, farmers in the province are cultivating a variety of fruit trees of high quality and economic value. Typical examples are: Mango, longan, plum, apricot, medlar, passion fruit, avocado; citrus fruit trees (Dien pomelo, green skin pomelo, some other local pomelo varieties); orange varieties (canh sugar oranges, V2 oranges, V1 oranges), San oranges; local mandarin varieties (Chieng Co mandarin, Chieng Yen mandarin, or new variety (Thai mandarin mandarin)...
Besides, Son La also has a fairly large area for cultivation of industrial and food crops such as: : Coffee, tea, sugarcane, cassava, maize, rice, vegetables... Livestock products include: Meat from the barn, eggs, milk, honey... and aquatic products for harvesting around the year.  


The province currently has 83 OCOP products; including 1 OCOP product with 5 stars; 30 products achieved 4 stars; 52 products with 3 stars.

Typical products are: Pure powdered coffee; Coffee shell tea; Oily Pangasius; Trong Nguyen Tea; ginger plum dried, honey dried plum, herbal plum dried; rattan green tea; crispy dried persimmon; Binh Minh bamboo straws; Ngoc Chien instant sticky rice; Sencha tea; Queenpearl pearls; Pha Din top tourist attraction; Ngoc Chien community tourist spot….  


Son La's achievements in agriculture have been recognized and appreciated by central agencies. Son La is considered a province with good orientation and vision in agricultural economic development. In 2021, the province's GDP growth in the agricultural sector ranks first in the country, reaching 7.19%; the agricultural economy accounts for a large proportion.
In the coming time, the province will continue to focus on agricultural development in the direction of clear origins, granting planting area codes, and focusing on planning production areas. It is expected that in 2022, the whole province will harvest about 2 million tons of fruit, including fruit trees and industrial plants; in which, the area of ​​fruit trees is the largest in the North and second in the whole country with more than 82,000 hectares, the average fruit output is about 400,000-450,000 tons/year.
Along with that, the province continues to find output markets for domestic and international agricultural products. In 2021, the province exported 150 million USD of agricultural products to 21 countries. Promoting and introducing agricultural products through connecting countries' conferences, large trade promotion fairs. Focus on calling for investment in deep processing of agricultural products, stabilizing production chains from cooperatives, enterprises and large corporations.
Besides the achieved results, in the process of implementing activities to support farmers to consume agricultural products, the province still has difficulties and obstacles. Specifically: Due to seasonal pressure; post-harvest stage (how to store, pack, and process); logistics problems have not developed commensurately…
According to Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thanh Cong, price pressure is also a big problem that the province needs to find a solution to quickly overcome. Since then, the province has established the Steering Committees for the exportation of agricultural products; Production steering committee, in charge of raw material areas to product supply, ensuring processing capacity for factories, creating confidence for investors. At the same time, directing departments, agencies, associations in the province to strengthen connections with localities both inside and outside the province to consume agricultural products.
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Cong also proposed to the VNFU to strengthen support for Son La province to propagate, promote products and expand the market for agricultural products from April 2022 for products such as: Mango, plum, avocado, passion fruit... The sales points of the FUs continue to consume Son La agricultural products.
"In the coming time, the province will organize the Week of consuming clean agricultural products in Hanoi. We hope that the VNFU will actively support and coordinate with the Vietnam Post Corporation to bring Son La agricultural products on e-commerce platforms. At the same time, we propose that VNFU coordinate in implementing activities to introduce and promote agricultural products in a series of events including: Conference of the Prime Minister, dialogue with farmers; The OCOP Vietnam Fruit and Product Festival 2022 is about to be held in the province in May," suggested Vice Chairman of Son La Provincial People's Committee Nguyen Thanh Cong.
Acknowledging the achievements of Son La agriculture and absorbing the proposals of the province, Vice Chairman of VNFU Nguyen Xuan Dinh said: VNFU will work closely with Son La province to support farmers in introducing, promoting, connecting and consuming agricultural products. Assign the Farmer and Rural Support Center under the VNFU to act as the focal point to develop the program in cooperation with Son La province. Accordingly, it is necessary to coordinate well with Vietnam Post Corporation to put Son La's agricultural products on the e-commerce platforms.
At the same time, connecting and introducing Son La's agricultural products with the FUs of 63 provinces and cities, 57 Farmer Support Centers, and 726 stores selling agricultural products nationwide. Coordinate in organization of fairs, exhibitions, weeks to introduce Son La agricultural products domestic and international. Organize conferences, seminars, study tours of models to introduce and promote Son La agricultural products.
VNFU cooperates with Son La province to strengthen specific coordination programs, build production and processing models of agriculture, forestry and fishery. Since then, creating typical examples for the movement of good production and business in the entire system of Farmers' Associations of the country.
It is recommended that the media agencies of the VNFU such as: New Rural Magazine, Rural Today Newspaper, and the VNFU Web Portal, continue to strengthen propaganda on typical models and agricultural products of Son La province. Thereby, actively introduce, promote and contribute to the replication of effective models for local FUs. 

Thanh Binh - Translated by Thu Uyen
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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