Adopting technology into production, through the VNFU's models
15:00 - 28/04/2022
Up to now, the FU of An Giang province has built 302 groups of professional farmers, with 2,716 members (in which: 32 branches, with 626 members, 270 unions, with 2,090 members), bringing the total number of branches and unions of professional farmers in the province to 745, with 7,998 members (107 branches, with 2,380 members and 638 unions with 5,618 members). Implementation of the plan to strengthen and improve groups of professional farmers in 2022 took part in 2 districts of Thoai Son and Phu Tan.
Organic tomatoes

In the first quarter of 2022, FU at all levels admitted 566 new members, bringing the total number of members as of March 10, 2022, to 103,772 members. FU cooperates with Hai Dang Company to issue membership cards in 2022 according to the guidance form of the Central Committee of VNFU 2021.
FU (Chau Phu, Thoai Son) propagates and mobilizes 1 household farmer bought 01 unmanned pesticide spraying aircraft (Drone), serving agricultural production, bringing the total number of machines in the district to 11 ones; thereby meeting the requirements of the digital application in agricultural production, contributing to reducing labor costs, production costs, and increasing profits for farmers.
Besides, the FU also advises farmers to apply high technology in spraying with Drone, with an area of ​​414.7 hectares. Chau Doc FU mobilized farmers to implement the model " Sustainable Rice Cultivation SRP standards combined with ecological technology" in 2022 with a total model area of ​​about 100 hectares. Phu Tan FU cooperates to deploy models: 3-in-1 mechanization application for organic rice production (by Drone equipment); demonstration of 3-in-1 flying equipment. 
FU also organized 04 New Year greetings for typical good farmers and rural entrepreneurs for the Spring of the Year of the Tiger in 2022 in 04 districts: Chau Thanh, Chau Phu; Tri Ton and Tinh Bien, more than 320 good farmers and rural entrepreneurs at the provincial level attended. Through the meeting, 104 gifts were given to typical good farmers.
FUs of 11 districts - urban areas organize a congress to commend good farmers in production and business, guide the selection process and plan to launch a movement of farmers to emulate good production and business and Rural entrepreneurs in 2022. Thereby, renewing the form of launching farmers to register through the online form, so far, 11/11 units have registered, with the number of votes collected as of March 31 2022, 680 votes. 
Up to now, there are 10/11 units (Phu Tan, Tri Ton, Tinh Bien, An Phu, Cho Moi, Chau Thanh, Thoai Son, An Phu, Chau Doc, Chau Phu) are organizing and have organized the Congress. The Congress of Commendation of Business Development and Production, in the period of 2018 - 2022, was 77/152 communes, wards and townships. In addition to the support budget (average from 5-7 million VND/commune/ward), a number of FU also actively cooperated with companies and enterprises to mobilize more funds to sponsor the Congress.
FUs at all levels coordinated with the Agriculture sector, Loc Troi Group Joint Stock Company and Angimex - Kitoku Company to organize 27 meetings, 11 seminars, with 788 members and farmers attending, with the content of implementing the model of linking winter-spring crop 2021-2022, producing rice in the direction of sustainable SRP standards combined with ecological technology, instructing farmers on how to care for winter-spring crops and to prevent, treat plant diseases ..., with an area of ​​over 5,257 hectares; model "Growing cucumbers organically", an area of ​​500 ha; guidance on “Pest management process”; Propagating and mobilizing farmers to participate in the linkage model of winter-spring rice consumption, the model of rice production using nano-organic fertilizers under the project of rice production adapt to climate change invested by the Central Committee of VNFU deployed in Phu Hiep commune, Phu Tan district. There are 10 farmer households participating, so far, the harvest has been completed, the average rice yield is from 5.8-5.9 tons/ha, purchased by Nong Phat Dat Company for 6,000 VND/kg. Thereby, farmers earn a profit of about 21,263,000 VND/ha. 
FUs at all levels coordinate in propagating and mobilizing farmers to establish agricultural cooperatives to purchase mangoes; vegetable cooperative, Fishery cooperative; Cooperative trade, technical services of agriculture and ornamental plants; Continuing to maintain the operation of 18/18 FUs, 4/4 Good Farmers Club, a place to exchange production and business experiences, helping each other to eradicate poverty and get rich( An Phu, Cho Moi, Chau Phu, Phu Tan, Cho Moi, Chau Doc). 
FU cooperated with the Agricultural Extension Station, departments and units to organize 6 training courses to guide the technique of rice seed production, pomelo and other crops, techniques of fish farming, how to prevent and treat fish diseases in the direction of safety and quality, civil electricity class, 133 farmers attended (An Phu, Cho Moi, Long Xuyen, Chau Thanh). 
To successfully implement the goals and targets in 2022, the FU of An Giang province promotes propaganda and mobilizes cadres, members and farmers to apply technology into production, through models locally performed. Since, helping farmers to change their mindset in production, and continue to improve the structure of crops and livestock in the direction of regional planning. Promote the application of science and technology into production and cultivation according to the value chain of the province's key commodities, building raw material cultivation areas and creating sustainable links between farmers and enterprises. Continue to innovate the contents and methods of gathering farmers to participate in the organization, and contribution to the development of the Union.
Linh Giang - Translated by Thu Uyen
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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