Thai Binh: Organizing over 290 conferences on disseminating the Conclusion 01-KL / TW
16:19 - 28/04/2022
Thai Binh  province  Farmers’ Union Standing Committee gave direction to Farmers’ Union at all levels on giving the content of learning and following Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, morality and style and implementing the full - term  Themes into the annual programs, plans and missions of the FU’s and farmers' movement.
Thai Binh Province Farmers' Union organized many conferences on disseminating the Conclusion 01-KL / TW with the participation of FU officers, members and farmers

Based on the plans of the Thai Binh Province Farmers' Union and the plans of the Local Party Committee, the guidance of the Commission on Propaganda and Training at all levels, the Farmers’ Union at districts and commune levels implemented the Conclusion 01-KL/ TW on continuing to implement the Directive 05-CT/TW of the Poliburo "on promoting learning and following Ho Chi Minh's thoughts, morality and style" and the full-term Theme that is suitable to the main political missions ​​of the Farmers’ Union  and the reality situation of each locality.

FU at all levels, from provincial level to commune (grass root) level, collaborated to organize 288 conferences on disseminating the  Conclusion 01-KL / TW and full-term Theme. Farmers members were propagated  and widely disseminated in several appropriate forms, such as: integrating with the training and propaganda activities of the Farmers Union; through Zalo groups, which were established by the FU Executive Committee at all levels, from the provincial level to the commune level; through the meetings of the Executive Committee, of the Standing Committee; by monthly and quarterly meetings at commune level; through meetings of farmers’ branches or groups; through local radio...

Based on the guidance on  studying on Ho Chi Minh’s thoughts, morality and style for the full term, and the Internal Newsletter which is monthly published by the Provincial Commission on Propaganda and Training), the Party Executive Committee of Thai Binh province Farmers' Union selected the suitable content for the FU political missions to build the contents of studying and following Uncle Ho.

FU officers at all levels participate regularly in the monthly meetings, reconsider themselves, and develop personal plans to strive to study and follow Uncle Ho's thoughts, morality and style about self-reliance and aspiration to develop the country happily and prosperously.

The Thai Binh province Farmers' Union Party Cell  has registered 01 organization and  01 individual to study and follow Uncle Ho. FU at districts, and commune have registered to build a model of learning and following Uncle Ho linked with registration of implementing the model on "Skillful peoples mobilization".

In 2021, there were 222 models that were registered and implemented effectively in 04 fields: developing economics,  socio-cultural;  defense- national security and constructing the grassroot political system. At the beginning of 2022, there were 283 models registered for implementation of the above 04 fields.

Thai Binh province FU Standing Committee puts studying and following Ho Chi Minh's thoughts, morality and style into the action plan of implementing the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress and adds it into the plan of implementing the Resolution of the 20th Provincial Party Congress linked with continuing to implement the resolutions and conclusions on constructing and rectifying the Party and the political system.

Thai Binh province FU continues focusing on giving directions and implementing effectively 3 main missions in this period: Protecting the legal rights and interests of farmer members; organizing the consulting and supporting activities, vocational training to facilitate farmers in production, business and improving the income and life quality; constructing and developing the ​​collective economic models in agriculture and rural areas linked with the implementation of emulation movements and campaigns launched by FU and Departments at all levels . Continuing to launch and direct FU at all levels to effectively implement the movement on "Farmers emulate in good production and business, unite to help each other to get rich and reduce poverty sustainably". Actively carrying out the activities on supporting farmers, members in production and business.

As a result, after one year, FU at all levels in Thai Binh province collaborated with other departments, agencies, organizations and enterprises to organize 2,043 trainings on science and technology transfer for 99,570 participants; constructed and developed the Supporting Fund for Farmers with almost 30 billion VND to help 1,705 members in developing 59 projects on production and business;  entrusted over 1,176 billion VND for 32,330 households from Social Policies Bank; nearly 2,149 billion VND for 26.437 households from the Agriculture and Rural Development Bank; coordinated to organize 104 vocational trainings for 4,023 farmers; mortgaged 1,521 ton of fertilizers of all kinds; maintained and established 93 collective economic models; organized 124 exchange visits and field schools, ect.

The movement "All citizens unite to build a cultural life" linked with the Campaign "All citizens unite to build new rural areas and civilized cities" was implemented. In 2021, more than 92% of members registered and strived to achieve family culture.

Thai Binh province FU Standing Committee added the responsibility of setting an example for leaders and managers into the operating regulations of the Union based on the functions and tasks of each specialized department and each officer and civil servant of the Thai Binh province Farmers' Union.

Officers, party members and VNFU members should determine the responsibility for setting an example for themselves and registering into the plan on studying and following Ho Chi Minh. Actively study on politics, profession, practice morality and lifestyle and self-criticism and criticism seriously.

Thai Binh province FU Standing Committee gave directions to FU at all levels on using diverse forms of propaganda such as: through the conferences, meetings, trainings; through Thai Binh province FU’s website; through propagating on Zalo, Facebook, ect. FU staff at all levels wrote 308 news, articles about the effective models of studying and following Ho Chi Minh, which were sent to   newspapers and radio stations from the provincial to commune level.

With the performance of the VNFU’s tasks and emulation movements linked with the implementation of the emulation movement "Skillful Peoples Mobilization", the Farmers' Union at all levels have actively propagated typical and advanced organizations and individuals. Besides, farmer members in the province have been propagated and replicated to study and follow Uncle Ho through the organization of visits, to learn the experiences of typical organizations and individuals.
Anh Tran- Translated by Ha Anh
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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