Vice Chairman of VNFU Bui Thi Thom and the delegation worked in Thanh Hoa
15:53 - 18/05/2022
Afternoon of May 16, the delegation of the Central Committee of the VNFU, led by Ms. Bui Thi Thom - Vice Chairman of the Executive Committee of VNFU, visited and worked with the FU of Thanh Hoa province on the FU's work and the farmer movement in 2021 and the first quarter of 2022.
Over 209,000 households achieved the title of good production and business household at all levels
At the meeting, Vice Chairman of Thanh Hoa FU Ha Thi Lan Huong said that the movement of good farmers in production and business uniting to help each other get rich and reduce poverty sustainably has developed rapidly, making a big change in the awareness and creative thinking of farmers in socio-economic development, building new countryside..
Every year, the movement attracts more than 300,000 farmer households in the province to register for emulation and over 50% of households register for the title of excellent production and business at all levels. In 2021, the whole province has 209,017 households with excellent production and business titles at all levels; in which, the number of households achieving the central level of production and business households is 143, exceeding the target set in the action plan of the Executive Committee of the province.
Good production and business households are the pioneers in applying technology in safe agricultural production, organic agriculture, and agriculture meeting VietGAP standards. There are many examples of dynamic and creative farmers who are always concerned about researching and developing specific products suitable for different regions, bringing high economic efficiency; participate in the development of OCOP products…
Many good farming households have developed into enterprises, cooperative groups and cooperatives in production and trading, which forms value chian links, attracting and creating jobs for hundreds of rural workers.
In addition, mobilizing good production and business households to help poor and disadvantaged households to reduce poverty, launching a solidarity and mutual support movement among farmers. In 2021, FU  in the  province has mobilized to help nearly 1,400 poor farmers.
From 2016-2020, thank to the financial support of VND 4.6 billion from the Government  budget under the National Poverty Reduction Program, the FU of Thanh Hoa province has implemented 12 projects with 468 participating households. The projects implemented by the Farmers' Union are highly effective, helping poor households participating in the project to reduce poverty.

Farmers emulate to build new countryside
According to the FU of Thanh Hoa province, through directing the implementation of the emulation movement for good production and business, the outlook of countryside has prospered, farrmers’s income, along with physical and spiritual life have been improved. Good business households are also the pioneers in contributing to the construction of rural infrastructure.
According to the report,  the  FU of Thanh Hoa province has propagated and mobilized cadres and members to build new rural areas, donate land, contribute working days and money to widen roads, build welfare works...
In 2021,   grassroots FUs have mobilized farmers to contribute over VND 433,000 million, 187,578 working days ; donated 108,603 m2 of land; repaired and renewed nearly 937 km of rural roads, canals and 270 bridges, culverts of all kinds.
Every year, each establishment of the  FUs  builds 1-2 models of FU participating in rural environment protection and food hygiene, building clean food stores and many production and business models food safety in association with environmental protection
From 2012 up to now, with the support from the budget of 300 million VND per year, the FU of Thanh Hoa province has organized 140 training courses on environmental knowledge; building 20 models of "Collecting, classifying and treating daily waste and residential communities".
Ms. Bui Thi Thom - Vice Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of VNFU spoke at the meeting with the FU of Thanh Hoa province. Photo: Hoai Thu

Promote support for farmers to develop production
As of April 30, 2022, the FU of Thanh Hoa province has trusted and entrusted the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development, the Bank for Social Policy, and the Lien Viet Post Bank in order to lend loans to farmers for production and business development with a loan balance of  VND 13.733,018 billion to 5,699 loan groups and 181,297 outstanding members.
The FUs at all levels in the province mobilized their staff and members to contribute to the Farmer Support Fund each year from 2-3 billion VND; proposed to Party committees and People's Committees at all levels to supplement the budget for the Fund to lend to members to invest in expanding production and business development, bringing the total source of the Provincial Farmers Support Fund to 58.7 billion VND for 2,832 households to borrow in 750 projects that brought high efficiency.
Every year, the FU cooperates with enterprises inside and outside the province to organize the implementation of the program to supply inorganic fertilizers, micro-organisms, foliar fertilizers, and biological products to members of farmers in the districts, towns and cities in the form of late payment, no interest. From 2019 to now, the whole province has coordinated to supply 82,263 tons of deferred fertilizers of all kinds, worth thousands of billions of VND.
FUs at all levels   have coordinated with the system of agricultural and forestry extension, enterprises inside and outside the province to organize the transfer of science and technology in animal husbandry and cultivation. In the past 2 years, the FU has organized 10,226 classes for 1,236,454 of cardes and members; guiding and supporting the construction of 237 production models applying high technology along the value chain, in the direction of VietGAP...
The FU cooperated with the Provincial Post to review and help production households transform digitally, sell agricultural products, OCOP products on the e-commerce trading plateform, …

Building a well-developing union
Speaking at the meeting, Ms. Bui Thi Thom said that, in addition to the attention and facilitation of local leaders, officials of the Farmers' Unions at all levels in Thanh Hoa province have made efforts to achieve the best results. very well in the past time despite the Covid-19 epidemic, affecting many fields.
In the coming time, the Vice Chairman of VNFU suggested that the FUs at all levels in the province continue to promote farmers' movements; innovate and further improve the quality of the good production and business movement to meet the requirements and tasks in the current revolutionary period.
In addition, the FUs at all levels should pay more attention to the construction of the  FU 's organization , gathering members, enhancing the role, and giving full support to good farmers. Actively coordinate with relevant units to transfer science, technology and services, closely follow the strategy of agricultural and rural development, participate in national target programs.
In addition, FUs at all levels need to pay more attention to supporting people and protecting farmers' interests. Step by step connecting product consumption, building brands of agricultural products, supporting farmers in digital transformation, and selling agricultural products on the e-commerce platform.
Also in the meeting, the delegation visited a number of good business households in Dong Son district, Thanh Hoa province.

Translated by Thu Uyen
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