Press conference to announce the series of events: Prime Minister's Dialogue with Farmers, the Festival of OCOP Vietnam Fruit and Product 2022
15:53 - 25/05/2022
(VNFU Portal) – Afternoon of May 23, in Hanoi, the Central Committee of the Vietnam Farmers' Union in collaboration with the People's Committee of Son La province held a press conference to announce the series of events: the Prime Minister's Dialogue with Farmers, the Festival of OCOP Vietnam Fruit and Product 2022, groundbreaking and inauguration ceremony of socio-economic projects in Son La province.
Host the press conference were Mr. Dinh Khac Dinh, Vice Chairman of VNFU; Mr. Lo Minh Hung, Standing Deputy Secretary of the Son La Provincial Party Committee; Mr,Nguyen Thanh Cong, Vice Chairman of Son La Provincial People's Committee.

According to the Organizing Committee, the events will take place in 2 days, May 28 and 29, with the attendance and chair of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh in Son La province; in which, the Prime Minister's Dialogue with Vietnamese farmers is the main event, which will take place in the morning of May 29 in Son La province, along with 62 bridge points across the country.
At the opening press conference, Vice Chairman of the VNFU Dinh Khac Dinh emphasized: Our Party and Government have determined that agriculture, farmers and rural areas always play a particularly important strategic role in the process of industrialization and modernization of the country and international integration; an important basis and force for sustainable socio-economic development; maintain political stability, ensure national defense and security; preserve and promote the national cultural identity, protect the environment and ecology of the country..

Over the years, all levels of the Union and its officers, members, and farmers have always strived to overcome difficulties and challenges, join hands to develop agriculture, affirming their role as a pillar of the economy. 

According to Vice Chairman Dinh Khac Dinh, the Prime Minister’ Dialogue with farmers in 2022 is the main event in the series of events, held in Son La province. This is a forum for representatives of farmers, agricultural cooperatives, businesses, organizations, individuals, and scientists operating in the fields of agriculture and rural areas throughout the country to directly reflect with the Government and the Prime Minister on difficulties and obstacles in the implementation of tasks on agricultural, farmer and rural development. Especially in the process of restructuring agriculture and restoring supply chains after the Covid-19 pandemic. 
With the theme “Responding and supporting farmers; realizing the vision of sustainable agricultural and rural development", the dialogue conference will take place under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, together with 500 delegates present directly at the Son La Provincial Convention Center, in which there are 300 typical farmers representing 12 million farmer households nationwide. Along with that, the Conference was also attended by leaders of the Provincial Party Committee and People's Committee at 62 bridge broadcasting across the country.

As of May 23, more than 1,600 questions, proposals and recommendations have been sent to the head of the Government. The questions were sent by farmers and readers nationwide through channels, which are: FUs of provinces and cities; direct questions from experts and scientists; The questions were sent to Dan Viet Newspaper - an agency of the Central Committee of VNFU.

At this conference, the Central Committee of VNFU made the major proposals and recommendations to the Prime Minister and the Government, including: Some major orientations on policies to for rural residents to turn into workers who can become urbanites; on policies and solutions for urban development right in the countryside, forming liveable countryside, so that farmers can "stay in their homeland"; the issue of training, fostering and training farmers in knowledge, culture and skills in agricultural production to perform their own role in the digital transformation of agriculture...

 Through the synthesis and report, the content of questions, proposals and recommendations to the Prime Minister this time focused on a number of main contents such as: The price of agricultural inputs such as fertilizers, animal feed, and pesticides has increased sharply due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, which is having a heavy impact on agricultural production; Inadequacies in land management and recommendations of amendment of the Land Law;  promoting links and cooperation, increasing the role of agricultural cooperatives; difficult problems related to capital sources for agricultural production; the state of rural environmental pollution; preserving and promoting rural cultural identity values; especially policies and strategies related to sustainable agricultural and rural development.
According to the Organizing Committee, it is expected that the Prime Minister will directly exchange at the Conference, in the spirit of openness and frankness with representatives of 300 typical Vietnamese farmers and with representatives of Farmers' Unions at all levels. Besides, the Prime Minister will also have dialogues with cooperatives and enterprises operating in the fields of agriculture and rural areas; experts and scientists.

Attending the dialogue with the Prime Minister were also representatives of leaders of central ministries and branches; localities to exchange and answer questions and issues that many farmers are interested in; and provide solutions and strategies for future development.
Mr. Nguyen Thanh Cong, Vice Chairman of Son La Provincial People's Committee said: When organizing the series of events of the Prime Minister's Dialogue with farmers and the OCOP Vietnam Fruit - Product Festival in 2022, Son La hopes to promote the people and products of the province; connecting Son La province with other provinces in the country to support and consume agricultural products and fruits; support to attract investment and develop agriculture in the direction of high technology and sustainability; Promote and introduce products to the world market.
Information about the OCOP Vietnam Fruit - Product Festival 2022 co-organized by the VNFU and Son La province. The opening ceremony is expected to take place on the evening of May 28 at Northwest Square, Son La city and last for 5 days (May 28 to June 1). Festival scale is about 500 booths divided into areas: "Vietnamese agricultural products and OCOP products - reaching out to the world"; Exhibition "Vietnam's agricultural development achievements"; Exhibition "Socio-economic development achievements and development potentials of Son La province"… 

 A series of events to promote and introduce the potential, strengths and investment opportunities of Son La province to domestic and foreign organizations and individuals; promoting cultural - economic - tourism exchanges; stepping up trade promotion activities, advertising, introducing and connecting the market for OCOP products and agricultural products, especially local specialty fruits on domestic and foreign markets.

Each province and city participates in 1-2 stalls displaying endemic fruit products and typical local OCOP products such as: Fresh agricultural products and processed agricultural products (mainly focusing on fruit products). specialty trees and processed fruit products); products with ingredients from medicinal plants; products made from cotton, yarn, souvenirs - furniture - decoration products (wooden products, yarn, bamboo and rattan, metal, ceramics, textiles as souvenirs, household appliances); special products, typical of each region and region across the country, ensuring conditions for circulation in the market.

At the Festival, there are also events such as: Conference to connect consumption and export of mango and Son La agricultural products in 2022; Exhibition “The Road of Agricultural Products”; cultural space "Culinary of the mountainous region"; Online Expo; consuming agricultural products and OCOP products on the e-commerce platform; The contest " Art shaping from flowers and fruits", "Beautiful photos of fruits"...

On this occasion, the Prime Minister is expected to attend the groundbreaking ceremony of the Moc Chau Milk Paradise project and inaugurate the Moc Chau glass bridge; visit typical agricultural production models and visit the construction and investment progress of Doveco Fruit and Vegetable Processing Complex - the largest fruit and vegetable processing project in Son La province in Mai Son district.
In the framework of the series of events, there are also activities: Scientific conference "Building VNFU and the Vietnamese peasant class in the period of accelerating industrialization, modernization and international integration to 2030, with a vision to 2045" organized by the Central Committee of VNFU.
Van Hoe - Translated by Thu Uyen
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