Efficiency of production activities under the forest canopy
15:34 - 25/06/2022
In recent years, the Forests and Farm Facility (FFF) program has achieved very positive results.
Red pomelo of Tan Dong coop, Tân Lạc district

The FFF program has been actively implementing by the Farmers' Union to improve the capacity of forest and farm producer organizations (FFPOs) including women, youth and Indigenous Peoples are the primary agents of change for climate resilient landscapes and improved livelihoods.

In addition to equipping knowledge in production, the FFF Program also supports cooperatives, collective groups, and farmers' households to promote, search for product consumption markets, participate in product introduction fairs such as: Agricultural Fairs, OCOP product exhibition in the Northern Midlands and Mountains; fairs and exhibitions in Hanoi city, etc.

The program has supported FFPOs to carry out the process of certifying organic products, traceability stamps, product labels, etc.

In Hoa Binh, the Provincial Farmers’ Union has implemented the program in An Binh commune, Lac Thuy district and Dong Lai and Tu Ne communes, Tan Lac district.

As the plan, the Project Management Board of the Provincial Framers’ Union has coordinated with the local authorities and the district and commune Farmers’ Union to select facilitators at all levels and establish community core groups at the commune level.

At the same time, promote propaganda and popularization of the Law on Forestry, a number of forest and farm policies related to FFPOs and agricultural and forestry development at the grassroots; training workshops to raise awareness for Framers’ Union staff and members of FFPOs about the impacts of climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, the role of forests in CO2 reduction and skills related to adaptation, climate change mitigation, disaster risk reduction, sustainable forest management, organic farming; capacity building in business and policy advocacy, gathering opinions, recommendations, and proposing to relevant agencies  to support the development of forest and farm production and business.

With these practical activities, members of FFPOs, forest and farm farmers can improve their professional qualifications, understand the benefits of working in groups to organize forest and farm production in close association with the community together with environmental protection, actively and propagandize people to build models of adaptation to climate change to protect the environment.

Since then, economic efficiency has been improved; helping women, young people and ethnic minorities in the production and trading of agro-forestry products for sustainable forest and farm production and business and add value from the forest.

Up to now, the FFF program has brought remarkable results, creating momentum for community groups of farmers to continue to develop production under the forest canopy.

Currently, in Hoa Binh, there are 3 cooperatives established and operating effectively, creating jobs for many local workers, including Hai Dang hi-tech organic agricultural cooperative, An Sinh cooperative in An Binh commune, Lac Thuy district, and Tan Dong red pomelo cooperative in Dong Lai commune, Tan Lac district.

The implementation of the FFF Program in the province helps to enable the mechanisms and policies related to the FFPOs to be promoted favourably, the business ability, market access and finance of the cooperatives and collective groups have increased through value chains associated with gender equality and providing better services to their members.

Long Trọng, translated by Anh Duc
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