Ninh Thuan: Over 62,000 turns of household farmer members doing good business
23:08 - 07/07/2022
There have been more than 62,000 turns of good production and business farmer members who supported 15,000 turns of poor and near-poor households, farmer members in terms of professions, capital, seeds, materials, knowledge, business experiences, etc, which has helped them to get out of poverty and stabilize their lives.
Many typical models of farmers, Mr. Nguyen Thuong Lang's household in My Hai ward, Phan Rang - Thap Cham city, for instance, produces grape varieties in an area of ​​1ha, with a total investment of over 1 billion VND and provides supplying to the domestic and foreign markets, creating regular jobs for 10 workers with an income of 4 - 8 million VND/person/month; guided, exchanged and disseminated knowledge and experiences of production and business for 10 employees; supported 06 turns of households who had difficulties in production investment capital with millions of VND.

Mr. Dao Thanh Thich's household in Phuoc Nhon 1 village, Xuan Hai, Ninh Hai does farming and services with 18 hectares of wet rice, vegetables and livestock grass; raises 65 cows, 250 sheep, 2 plows, 1 reaper and  has 1 straw roll machine. The average annual income of a person reaches 300 million VND; supported 12 poor families with stable houses and jobs, whose income per household is 60 million VND/year; created stable jobs for 8 workers with income of 4 million VND/month; help 18 poor and disadvantaged households with capital, experiences and land preparation.

Mr. Son Y Sen's household in Phu Thanh, My Son, Ninh Son hamlets engaged in agricultural production and petroleum trading with the annual average income of 290 million VND/person; created stable jobs for 15 local workers; supported and guided the dissemination of production experiences to 7 poor households.

Mrs. Tran Thi Tan's household in Tri Thuy 2 village, Tri Hai, Ninh Hai with the salt production cooperative group on a scale of 2.4 hectares, the average annual output of 1,600 tons, combined with processing products from salt. The average income is 240 million VND/person/year; creating jobs for 20 workers; supporting 7 poor households and households who have difficult circumstances.

On the basis of Resolution No. 10-NQ/HNDTW, dated July 27, 2020 of Vietnam Farmers’ Union (VNFU) on "VNFU participates in collective economic development in agriculture and rural areas in the period 2020-2025”, Ninh Thuan provincial FU Standing Committee has developed a joint program for the period of 2021-2025. Implementing the program "One Commune, One Product" (OCOP), the provincial FU collaborated with the Department of Industry and Trade (Industry Promotion and Trade Promotion Center) to participate in 03 OCOP product fairs with specific characteristics and strengths; support 02 agences to display products at Vincom Trade Center; coordinated with the FUs at grassroot level to organize linkages in order to promote service activities to support farmers for their product consumption; developed 04 proposed tasks under the Program "Supporting enterprises, organizations and individuals in scientific and technological activities; startup and innovation ecosystem in the province by 2022” to improve the collective economic efficiency.

FUs at all levels have coordinated to support, participate in building 02 cooperatives, cooperative groups and continue to maintain the operation of collective economic models of cooperatives and cooperative groups established over the years. Ninh Thuan FU has propagated and mobilized farmer members to participate in building 15 cooperatives, 08 cooperative groups, 218 farmers’ groups of professions; supported farmers, cooperatives, enterprises to participate in exhibitions, promotion to introduce the brands for local agricultural products inside and outside the province with the total support 1,000kg of all kinds of products including grapefruit, jackfruit, orphan seed banana, seaweed, etc.

By the end of May 2022, the provincial FU has exploited and developed 57 subjects participating in household health insurance and 15 subjects of voluntary social insurance. The FU organized the signing of regulations on coordination in the implementation of policies on social insurance and health insurance; coordinated to organize an online meeting to thoroughly understand the Cooperation Agreement and implementation plan of the Agreement in 2022 between VNFU and PVI Insurance Corporation on the implementation of the "Program on social security and welfare for farmer members”.

FUs at all levels cooperate with banks to strengthen and consolidate loan groups, regularly check, monitor and compare, recover overdue debts and unsecured loans to help farmers borrow capital for their production development. The Provincial FU has issued documents directing the FUs at all levels to strengthen coordination with the Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Bank for Social Policies to well implement the joint content between the two branches.

The transfer of science- technology and new technology to support farmer members develop their production is always concerned by FUs at all levels. In particular, the Provincial Farmers Support Center cooperates with the district/city FUs to organize organized 17 training courses for 909 members in 05 districts/cities; their content focused on planting and caring techniques for fruit trees; Vietgap apple; raising cows, goats, sheep, ect based on the local needs; coordinated with the Department of Labor - Invalids and Social Affairs, District Post Office to organize 05 training courses for 200 participants.

Through the above activities, the movement of farmers doing good production and business has become wider and deeper, contributing to improving the lives of farmer members, reducing the rate of poor households and increasing the rate of rich households in the whole province.
Cao Hanh - Translated by Huong Lan
Nguồn: VNFU Portal
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