Many practical activities of the Forest and Farm Facility (FFF) support forest and farm producer organizations (FFPOs) in the phase II
16:08 - 19/08/2022
Promoting the achievements and experiences of the phase I, the FFF Program Phase II (2019 - 2022) has been approved by FAO to continue funding resources for implementation in Vietnam
FFF stands for "The Forest and Farm Facility" in English - The Forest and Farm Facility of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations; conducted in 12 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

In Vietnam, the Central Vietnam Farmers' Union (VNFU) is the main partner of the Phase II Forest and Farm Facility (2019 - 2022). Accordingly, the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation - VNFU and the FFF Program Management Unit continue to implement the Phase II Program (2019 - 2022).

In 2021, VNFU organized an extended virtual FFF II national Advisory Committee meeting. Comrade Bui Thi Thom - Vice Chairman of the Central Executive Committee of the VNFU, Head of FFF II national Advisory Committee attended and chaired the meeting from Hanoi meeting point

The objective of the FFF II: Forest and Farm Producer Organisations (FFPOs) including women, youth and Indigenous Peoples are the primary agents of change for climate resilient landscapes and improved livelihoods.

Up to now, FFF II Program is supporting 39 collective groups and cooperatives in 5 northern mountainous provinces: Yen Bai, Bac Kan, Hoa Binh, Son La and Thai Nguyen, with 761 member households (41.5 % female, 61.5% ethnic minority, 11.7% youth) and 1,375 associate members.

The FFF II project sites include:

- Yen Bai province: Thịnh Hưng and Tân Nguyên commune (Yên Bình district); Tân Đồng and Đào Thịnh commune (Trấn Yên district).

- Son La province: Đông Sang commune (Mộc Châu district); Chiềng Xuân (Vân Hồ district).

- Bac Kan province: Phương Viên commune (Chợ Đồn district); Yến Dương and Mỹ Phương (Ba Bể distirct).

- Hoa Binh province: An Bình commune (Lạc Thủy district); Đông Lai and Tử Nê (Tân Lạc district).

- Thai Nguyen: Participating in FFF small grants.

Participating in FFF, farmers clearly identify the forest as their second home. That place is not only a source of food for daily meals, a source of water for all things to grow, a plant and medicine to enhance physical strength, but also a source of air to breathe, a natural landscape. majestic, endless source of inspiration to create a typical living culture, traditional and indigenous cultural values of each nation... Therefore, each farmer needs to preserve and promote it.

The delegation of the VNFU-FFF Program Management Unit and the Chief Representative of FAO Vietnam worked with the Yen Bai Farmers’ Union and the Cinnamon Cooperative in Dao Thinh Commune, Tran Yen District in December 2021

Following are some pictures of specific activities that have been implemented in the Forest and Farm Facility phase II:
Lê Thảo, translated by Duc Anh
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