Vice Chairwoman of VNFU Cao Xuan Thu Van: Building a model should have the imprint of the Farmers' Union
14:05 - 05/10/2022
On October 4, the delegation of VNFU led by Mrs.Cao Xuan Thu Van - Vice Chairwoman of VNFU had a working session with the Vinh Long provincial FU. 

Reporting to the delegation, Mr. Tran Van Trach - Chairman of Vinh Long Provincial FU said that by the end of September 2022, the Provincial FU had achieved 9/13 targets assigned by the VNFU. The target that has not been reached is also close to being achieved. From now until the end of 2022, they will strive to achieve and exceed the targets.

According to Mr. Trach, the work of FUs and the farmers' movement in the province is doing very well. Recently, the Provincial FU has promoted more activities to mobilize, propagate and support farmers through social networks.

In terms of loan support, the FU has also linked with banks to perform well, forming many lending groups in localities, well coordinated with relevant departments and branches in the province.

Up to this point, the preparations for the grassroots congress have been completed on time, and the personnel structure is guaranteed. The Provincial FU has also coordinated with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to complete the plan of the dialogue program with farmers and has been approved by the Chairman of Vinh Long Provincial People's Committee, scheduled to be held in October.


Vice Chairwoman of VNFU Cao Xuan Thu Van spoke at the meeting with the Vinh Long provincial FU

However, Mr. Trach said, the most difficult thing is that they can not yet make use of the Vocational Training Center of the Provincial FU. In this regard, the FU has asked the leaders of Vinh Long province to support many times but has not been able to solve it. In addition, funding from the Farmers Support Fund is still low.

Speaking at the meeting, Vice Chairwoman of VNFU Cao Xuan Thu Van hoped that in the last months of the year, the Provincial FU would try to fulfill the targets assigned by VNFU. The difficulties presented by the Provincial FU, what contents are within the capacity of the Provincial FU, and the contents beyond their ability, they shall  be specifically reported to VNFU.

Regarding the funding source of the Provincial Farmers' Support Fund, Vice Chairwoman of the VNFU Cao Xuan Thu Van directed the leaders of the FU to try to demand the leaders of the Provincial People's Committee and the Vinh Long Provincial Party Committee to sponsor more. During the implementation process, there must be specific plans, reports, and models, not in general.

Vice Chairwoman of VNFU Cao Xuan Thu Van suggested that the FU of Vinh Long province in the coming time must make efforts to build many models with the imprint of the Farmers' Union, and then summarize and replicate it.

Especially in the coming time, the Provincial FU must advise or plan to submit to Vinh Long Provincial People's Committee to implement some programs. For example, the OCOP product connection program, the program to trace the origin of agricultural products, etc.

In terms of propaganda, the FU must do it at all levels, paying attention to the development of members, expanding to other areas. people who sympathize with the FU, people who love agriculture, students, scientists, at the same time, improve the quality of collective groups

For the upcoming congress, it is necessary to focus on funding sources. In addition to the FU's budget, other organizational resources can also be mobilized. At the same time, there must be works and tasks to welcome the Congress.

In the morning of the same day, the delegation of VNFU met and greeted the leaders of Vinh Long Provincial Party Committee. After that, the delegation came to visit at the Memorial of Chairman of the Council, Minister Pham Hung.

In the first 9 months of 2022, Vinh Long Farmers Support Fund disbursed 22 projects with a total capital of 8.6 billion VND with 239 households borrowing capital. Currently, the Provincial Farmers' Union manages the outstanding loans of the Farmers Support Fund of 60 projects with the amount of VND 23,130 billion, with 678 households borrowing.

Continuing to effectively implement the program of coordinating with the Bank for Social Policies to entrust loans to poor households and other policy beneficiaries, the FU has so far implemented 13 policy credit programs through 779 Savings and Loans Group, with 30,808 members and farmers participating with a total outstanding loan of 906,768 billion VND.

FUs at all levels continue to implement the program to coordinate with the Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development "on the implementation of credit policies for agricultural and rural development in accordance with Decision No. 55/2015/ND -CP, June 9, 2015 of the Government". As a result, up to now, the Farmers' Union is managing 334 loan groups with outstanding loans of VND 811,670 billion, with 9,508 borrowers.

Translated by Thu Uyen
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