Vice Chairwoman of VNFU Cao Xuan Thu Van: Promoting the role of Farmers' Union in agricultural economic development
10:18 - 04/11/2022
(VNFU Portal) – That was the evocative statement of Comrade Cao Xuan Thu Van, Vice Chairwoman of VNFU at a working session at the FU of Phu Tho province in the afternoon of November 3. 
Attending the meeting were  Mr. Nguyen Hai - Member of the Standing Commitee of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee; representatives of leaders of Department of Industry and Trade, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development; Standing comrades, members of Standing Committee of Provincial Farmers' Union.

At the meeting, Mrs. Cao Xuan Thu Van, Vice Chairwoman of VNFU highly appreciated the results that the Provincial FU had achieved in recent years. At the same time, she proposed that in the coming time, the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Committee shall continue to pay attention to facilitating FUs’ activities and movements to keep developing the Farmers' Production and Business Movement, farmers helping each other get rich and reducing poverty sustainablly, implementing new rural construction movement; developing OCOP products, developing and preserving traditional craft village products, forming and developing sustainable raw material areas... contributing to the promotion of local agricultural economic development.

 On the side of the Provincial FU, the Vice Chairwoman of VNFU suggested and requested:

Firstly,The Provincial FU needs to review the key tasks and contents, select outstanding activities to summarize, evaluate and draw lessons, in order to develop and propose directions, tasks and solutions for the FUs’ activities implementation and farmers' movement in the next stage.

Secondly, The provincial FU shall strengthen coordination with relevant departments and branches to deploy to members for better implementing the criteria in building new rural areas; shall proactively grasp the guidelines and policies on agriculture, farmers and rural areas, especially contents related to OCOP products.

Thirdly, The provincial FU shall focus on developing the administrative operation of the FU, building professional group and collective groups in association with the implementation of the VNFU's key movements.

Fourth, The provincial FU shall focus on improving the efficiency of the Farmer Support Center in terms of quality and quantity, focusing on exclusive implementation of activities, consulting services, supporting farmers from production to consumption. The provincial FU need to increase the support on agricultural product consumption linkage for members and farmers, especially the local OCOP products; invest in building sustainable models with the goal of building raw material areas to meet the requirements of the market economy, at the same time, develop programs and projects to improve the organizational structure, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the Farmer Support Center.

In order to implement the above contents, Mrs. Cao Xuan Thu Van also suggested that the province pay attention to implementing projects on training the staff of Farmers' Unions at all levels; faciliate the FU in participate in scientific researches and social criticism activities. She also suggested that the province shall participate as a member of the provincial OCOP product evaluation and rating council; directing and guiding departments, agencies and sectors in the province to actively coordinate with the FU in implementing local programs and projects...

Speaking at the meeting, Comrade Nguyen Thi Phuong Hanh, Member of Standing Committee of the VNFU, Chairwoman of the Provincial FU thanked and agreed the direction of Vice Chairwoman Vietnam Farmers' Union, at the same time, promised to work with the Standing Committee of the Provincial Farmers' Union more closely, more decisively in the implementation of political tasks in the coming time.

On the same day, the Vice Chairwoman of VNFU and the Chairman of the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee and the delegation visited introducing and trading agricultural products the booth and models of good farmers in Van commune. Fort, Doan Hung district.
Hoang Minh - Translated by Thu Uyen
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